July '19 Product Update

by Daniel Hom
3 Minute Read

Welcome to the July 2019 Product Newsletter. We've been busy this summer building new ways to get content into Lilt, supporting new languages, and even the ability to machine translate entire documents.

Read on to learn more about these features and how to see a demo.


New Languages

Lilt now supports translation between English and two new languages: Bulgarian and Slovenian.

This brings the total number of languages supported by Lilt to 40. You can view the complete list here.

New Connectors

There are three new ways to move content in and out of Lilt.

  1. GitLab (documentation)
    You can now import and export folders from different branches within a repository.

  2. Google Drive (documentation)
    You can now import and export documents from within a Google Drive folder, with the option to set a recurring import schedule.

  3. Zendesk Categories and Sections (documentation)
    Previously, Lilt only supported Zendesk Articles. Now, Lilt works with Zendesk Categories and Zendesk Sections.


Tag Editor 2.0

The new Tag Editor makes it easier for translators and reviewers to work with tags. Here's what's new:

  1. Tags are automatically shown for confirmed segments
  2. Tags are now more visually consistent
  3. Tags are now automatically saved
  4. In Review mode, accepting a segment will preserve tag markup

Read more about Tags in Lilt.

Full Machine Pretranslation

Lilt now supports pretranslation of entire documents with machine translation, not just with exact matches.

Simply select a document within a project, select Document Options, Pretranslate, and then choose Translate with Machine Translation Service.

This will populate all segments within a document with machine translations, including segments that do not match Translation Memories.

Read more about Pretranslation in Lilt.


Thank you for reading, and thank you for translating with Lilt.

The Lilt Team

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