Global Experience (GX) 102: Why Your Brand and Growth Strategies Need to be Global

by Elly Lee
5 Minute Read

Last week we introduced our newest blog series by diving into the must-knows and 101 basics of Global Experience (GX). In that post, we mentioned a number of proven ways a thoughtful multilingual GX strategy can optimize your digital customer experience. Now, we’re going to take a step further and explore why and how GX can take your marketing, brand, and growth strategies to the next level.

Why Your Brand and Growth Strategies Need GX

Some of the most impactful and direct GX benefits depend on your marketing and growth teams. These benefits include:

  1. Enabling worldwide access to your brand

  2. Increasing your addressable market

  3. Improving conversion rates

Enabling worldwide access to your brand

When you limit your content, products, or services to one or few languages, you limit who can find and, more importantly, engage with your brand. Localizing the entire customer journey — from the awareness to retention stage — allows global users, regardless of what language they speak, to connect with your business.

Increasing your addressable market

You could offer the world’s best product, service, or program. Unfortunately, none of it would matter if your consumers can’t speak the same language. That being said, one of the most obvious GX benefits to your company is optimizing your brand’s potential reach. A thoughtful GX strategy allows you to reach new customers and significantly increase brand awareness to global markets and audiences.

Improving conversion rates

GX enables growth. By positioning your brand as a global industry leader, a personalized and localized customer journey gives you an advantage over your competitors. In fact, 91% of leaders believe that localization impacts the customer experience. As a result, your company is able to build meaningful connections with customers and maximize your brand value, potential revenue stream, and retention.

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How to Implement GX in Your Brand and Growth Strategies

There are a number of ways to embed GX into your marketing and growth strategies. Here, we’ll go over a few basic strategies that your brand can leverage:

  1. Understand target languages and markets

  2. Identify what content to localize

  3. Build a brand and SEO resource hub

  4. Set up your content for success

Understand target languages and markets

Targeting new locales can be challenging. It requires deep research and understanding of the region’s cultural norms and nuances. This is because each region has different expectations of a brand’s specific colors, images, communication channels, tone, UX design, etc. Global brands that take the extra time and effort to understand each region will have the most success from their GX strategies.

Identify what content to localize

While the most effective global experience strategies consider the entire end-to-end customer journey, each brand might have a different starting point. Customers often engage with different types of content throughout the customer journey, and it’s worth considering the most important phases for your current business strategy.

For example, if a customer is just learning about your company and what it does, they’ll likely be visiting your website, reading blog posts, following social media, and receiving email blasts. On the other hand, if they’re making a decision on whether to purchase your product or service, they’ll be more interested in product-specific content. If they’re already customers, engaging with chatbots, user manuals, and help centers is where they’ll spend most of their time.

Depending on your brand’s priorities and objectives, your localized content should align with that goal. If your company is looking to support a global customer base, your priority might be different than a company that’s trying to increase engagement within a multilingual audience. Remember that all content types are important and can impact your global brand cohesiveness, but where you start will depend on your needs.

Build a brand and SEO resource hub

SEO documentation and brand style guides are vital to global experience success. A global SEO strategy allows your team to easily research keywords and create content that resonates with new markets. Brand teams should also consider creating style guides for linguists and translators to ensure consistency across languages.

Set up your content for success

One of the most important tactics to building a scalable GX strategy is to create content with localization in mind — not as an afterthought. Whether it’s your blog posts, social media posts, website, emails, or paid search campaigns, localization should be included in your strategies to drive traffic to your content.

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An engaging global experience strategy not only enhances, but also humanizes your brand to international customers. Ready to elevate your brand with an engaging global experience strategy? Reach out to Lilt for a personalized consultation.