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[Webinar Recap] The AI Playbook for Enterprises


To help you understand AI, our experts have put together a playbook that shares the importance of AI and machine learning in the modern business world, the challenges of implementing AI, and the benefits it can bring to organizations. Led by Ash Fontana, the author of “The AI-First Company” and Spence Green, CEO of Lilt, this blog post follows a discussion on the following topics:

April '23 Lilt Updates


This month, we’re bringing you more AI localization content and resources than ever before! From launching our new AI resource center to spotlighting a new customer story, we’re sharing exciting updates from the Lilt team. Read on to learn more about what we were up to in April.

Unlocking the Power of Collaboration: Linguists and AI Translation Systems


The impact of AI on the localization industry has created both excitement and apprehension among linguists and businesses. While the use of AI is becoming more prevalent in business strategies and priorities, there is still concern and skepticism surrounding its implications on job security and the level of translation quality and value. However, with the right combination of human linguistic expertise and AI translation systems, businesses can get high-quality, fast translations that scale with their growing needs.

What is your AI Translation Strategy? How to Operationalize New Language Technology


We recently hosted AI Day (webinar recording available here), where localization and research leaders from Lilt came together to help listeners build a foundation for an AI strategy to incorporate into enterprise translation. Featuring 3 keynote sessions, this webinar aimed to bridge the gap between cutting-edge AI technology, experienced research leaders, and customers who have AI translation needs.

AI Talk Series, Episode 2: The Pros and Cons of AI


AI Talk Series, Episode 2: The Pros and Cons of AI Welcome back to our AI Talk Series, where we’ll be sharing AI insights and predictions from Lilt’s co-founders and experts. If you didn’t have a chance to check out Episode 1, here is a link to the article. This week, we discuss the pros and cons of AI for businesses and the localization industry. 

How AI is Changing the Enterprise Landscape: Webinar Recap


Language, the often-overlooked heart of a digital customer experience, offers brands the opportunity to scale their products and services for the global market. Utilizing AI for localization allows businesses to generate high-quality copy with greater efficiency—an asset for companies of every size and industry.  In our recent AI Day Webinar, our panel of AI and localization experts sheds light on the mystery surrounding LLM and Contextual AI. Lilt's 90-minute AI sessions bridged the gap between cutting-edge AI technology, experienced linguists, and your business needs, and showcased a few speakers who have revolutionized the industry. Whether you watch the 90-minute session or explore this summary, you will walk away with a concrete foundation in AI translation to help you transform the way you execute localization.

March '23 Lilt Updates


Our team at Lilt brings exciting news! We’re thrilled to share the launch of our Contextual AI Engine, AI DataStudio, and a new platform tour.  Read on to learn more about what we were up to in March.

Announcing Lilt’s AI Day


On Tuesday, April 11, 2023 at 5pm CET, 8am PDT, Lilt will be hosting a virtual webinar, Translating Success: How AI is Changing the Enterprise Landscape. This 90-minute webinar will explore large language models, Contextual AI, and Lilt’s AI translation solution for enterprises.

Why Businesses Should Invest in an AI Translation Solution


Maintaining an edge in today's competitive market environment is crucial. Businesses that don't adopt new technologies risk falling behind their competitors and finding it difficult to compete in the current market. The exponential rise in interest for innovative AI-based tech solutions shows no signs of slowing down, as teams and companies continue to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) tools for optimizing a number of business processes.