To Win at Localization, Begin with Your Project Plan.

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Localization plays an integral role in a brand’s introduction into a new market, and ensures that your company’s product information and supporting content is accessible, localized and well-received by customers across the globe.

Localization Project Managers (PMs) must craft […]


Announcing Lilt's Series A Financing

Today I’m pleased to announce that we raised $9.5M in new funding led by Sequoia Capital. Bill Coughran, partner at Sequoia, will join our board. Our existing investors‒Redpoint Ventures, Zetta Venture Partners, and XSeed Capital‒all participated in the round.

Series A funding indicates two milestones in an enterprise […]


Lilt's Favorite Neural Machine Translation Videos

Neural Machine Translation is everywhere (and not just on this blog). Translators want to know how it will affect their livelihood, and internal localization managers want to know how they can make it work for their translation strategy. Whether you're looking to assess the business applications of neural machine […]


Post-Editing Has No Place in Your Localization Strategy

Machine Translation has historically been a dirty pair of words in localization. Experienced language professionals fear their own work, complete with nuanced diction and hyper sensitive geographical considerations, will be replaced by the cold, lifeless, robotic output of an algorithm. And considering recent approaches in […]


Is Technology Killing English as a Lingua-Franca?

The proliferation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools have professionals everywhere nervy about the future utility of their skill set. And when you take a peek at some of the exciting advances in these fields, it’s hard not to ask yourself “will I be replaced by a robot?”


Here's Why Neural Machine Translation is a Huge Leap Forward


Though machine translation has been around for decades, the most you’ll read about it is the perceived proximity to the mythical “Babel Fish” --an instantaneous personal translation device-- itself ready to replace each and every human translator. The part that gets left out is machine translation's relationship with human […]


Are You Thinking Beyond Left-to-Right? Here's How to Make Your Site Multidirectional.


Much of the Internet is in English, and many American web developers rarely think beyond languages like French or Spanish when it comes to internationalization. From a development perspective, such languages function more or less like English, and so the general structure of the webpages tends to assume a layout based on […]


The Future of Language Work: Business Perspectives

It’s not an everyday occurrence that translators and technology professionals come together and discuss the state of the language industry, but that’s exactly what happened last month in Santa Clara, CA. The event, The Future of Language Work: Enterprise, Technology, and Translation Professional Perspectives, was hosted by […]


The Future of Language Work: Enterprise, Technology, and Translation Professional Perspectives

Around 100 professionals from the language and technology industries came together in Santa Clara, CA last month to discuss the future of language work. The event, The Future of Language Work: Enterprise, Technology, and Translation Professional Perspectives, was hosted by translation startup, Lilt, and featured two panelist […]


Case Study: Zendesk + Lilt

In a recent case study with Zendesk, they talked to us about using a combination of human and machine translation to translate their large database of support content.