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Once Viewed As a Threat, AI Technology Will Benefit Translation Community


AI Emerging in the Localization Industry For over a decade, the linguist community has seen their livelihoods squeezed by market forces.  Owing to steadily declining pay rates driven by price averse buyers alongside stagnant technology development, translators have primarily borne the brunt of this impact. Adding further fear into the mix has been the looming yet vague prospect of AI, leaving the localization industry collectively wondering how this technology would be applied and what implications it has in store for translators.

Introducing Lilt Contextual AI: In-Context Learning for Enterprise Localization


Today we’re excited to announce the Lilt Contextual AI Engine, a new generative language model that implements in-context learning (ICL). With 5x more parameters than the previous Lilt model it replaces, Contextual AI powers the Verified (with human verification) and Instant (fully automatic) enterprise localization workflows. Contextual AI outperforms both GPT-4 and Google Translate while remaining over 1000x more compact than GPT-4, meaning that self-managed customers of the Lilt AI Platform can deploy on their own compute. 

Lilt introduces Contextual AI Engine for Translation; Outperforms Google Translate and GPT-4 on accuracy, latency and cost


Lilt introduces Contextual AI Engine for Translation; Outperforms Google Translate and GPT-4 on accuracy, latency and cost  Launches ‌AI DataStudio — the enterprise solution for building context-specific language models  San Francisco, CA - March 29, 2023 - Lilt, the most advanced AI solution for enterprise translation, today announced the launch of the Contextual AI Engine, a new GPT-style model for verified, enterprise-grade translation that delivers superior performance to GPT-4 and Google Translate. The Contextual AI Engine uses In-Context Learning (ICL) to model language for applications in legal, marketing, product, and many other enterprise use cases.

February '23 Lilt Updates


This month, we explored localization technologies, shared the business implications of conversational AI, and held a webinar on how to scale and maximize your localization programs. Read on to learn more about what we were up to in February.

WLSP: Maximize and Scale Your Localization Programs In 2023 Webinar Recap


Our recent webinar featured industry experts: • Tanya Gadea (VP of Production at Lilt) • Loy Searle (Senior Director of Localization & Globalization at Workday) • Brittney Benchoff (Head of Product at Lilt)  In this blog post, we share what was discussed in this discussion and provide three key takeaways.

eLearning Localization: Checklist to Get Started for L&D


Expanding your business into a global market requires hiring employees from new regions. While there’s no one-size-fits-all global expansion program,  developing an effective localization strategy can help ensure that your teams are aligned and enabled with the right resources.  An effectively localized L&D strategy should incorporate what employees expect: a seamless, asynchronous or hybrid training experience. You’ll want to empower your new employees while considering different laws, regulations, and workplace expectations in each market.

January '23 Lilt Updates


We’re starting off the year with a message from our CEO, a successful completion of our SOC2 Type2 audit, a customer testimonial, and more. Read on to learn more about what we were up to in January.

10 Steps to Localize Your Website with Contentful


How likely are you to buy from a website that you can’t read? A study conducted by CSA Research found 87% of customers wouldn't buy from an English-only website. Consumers simply aren’t confident enough to part with their money on a website in a language they can’t understand. From eCommerce websites to cryptocurrency transactions, reaching customers in their native languages is essential for building trust. And while 70% of professionals agree that their website is critical to company success, only 60% believe that their websites are being effectively localized for global customers.

How to Use Conversational AI + Automation to Deliver an Exceptional Global Experience


As the world continues to embrace artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, conversational AI is becoming an increasingly important tool for businesses. It’s currently used to automate customer service tasks, provide personalized customer experiences, and even function as virtual assistants—and this is just the beginning. In this post, we’ll explore how to use conversational AI effectively in your business. We’ll dive deeper into what conversational AI is, different tools that leverage AI, and explore its benefits for your business.