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Engage Your Global Audience with Multilingual Video Content: Webinar Recap


Video content has become increasingly important in the customer journey, as it provides a way to engage customers at every stage of the experience. To meet this increasing demand, many content creators are looking towards AI-powered solutions to help create high-quality and engaging video content. Hosted by CaptionHub and Lilt, our recent webinar focuses on the role of AI in making subtitling and translation services more accurate and efficient.

Improving Translation in Travel and Hospitality: 6 Best Practices to Optimize Costs with AI


Travel and hospitality is a global industry where customer experience is at the forefront of its success. With businesses operating in a wide range of countries and languages, they need to be able to communicate effectively with customers and partners from all over the world. After all, traveling knows no borders and speaks every language.

Enhancing Travel and Hospitality: The Need for AI Translation and 6 Examples of Real-World Applications


With hundreds of languages spoken worldwide, companies have increasingly relied on hiring bilingual and multilingual staff to bridge the communication gap. In fact, companies like Air Canada boast that over 60% of their employees are bilingual. However, this increased demand has made language-skilled staff a scarce resource in the industry. This has led travel businesses to seek alternative solutions to maintain excellent customer service without breaking the bank. That's where AI solutions for translation and multilingual content generation come in.

Tips to Write Effective LLM Prompts and Generate Multilingual Content


Anyone working on content or translation knows how powerful and effective language can be. Whether it's crafting engaging blog posts, optimizing SEO strategies, or scaling local campaigns, the right words are powerful enough to make a significant impact on reach and engagement.

Lilt's Zendesk Connector: Streamline Exceptional Customer Service with AI Translation


In today's digital world, providing multilingual support is mandatory for global enterprises to create successful customer experiences. In fact, according to a recent report, the highest impact customer touchpoint is customer support. However, only 60% of professionals believe their company effectively localizes it.

Your Career and Localization Strategy in the Age of AI: Webinar Recap


In this current time, natural language processing and language are the center of the world’s imagination. AI technology has been applied to different knowledge applications, and businesses have begun to use and capitalize on language data. As AI is used to optimize businesses and reduce costs, there’s a great opportunity to create profound business ROI, leading to career advancement for those who can capitalize on these shifts.

Raj Rao: A Dynamic Addition to Lilt’s Executive Team as Chief Financial & Operations Officer


Must-Know AI Translation Terms for Business Leaders


The AI translation space is an evolving industry that’s using new technologies and strategies as it continues to grow. It’s one that’s full of industry veterans from many departments that are helping to pave the way for future scale as well. However, since AI translation combines many disciplines into one, cohesive idea, it’s riddled with terms and phrases that aren’t always so obvious to understand. It can easily feel like your peers are having a conversation that you may not pick up. To help with that, we’ve compiled a list of the important terms in a simple and straight-to-the-point AI dictionary.

June '23 Lilt Updates


Say hello to summer This month, we launched Lilt Create, a generative AI tool that instantly creates enterprise-grade multilingual content, and held three webinars with speakers from Amazon Web Services, the UK Government, Box, and more. Read on to learn more about what else we were up to in June