A Whole New Level of Productivity: Introducing Our Improved Editor

We take translator feedback about our app very seriously. Which is why when we started looking at how to improve our editor, we combed through all of your suggestions and requests from the past year. We were looking to solve some big pain points that many of you pointed out as hindrances to your productivity. After much hard […]


Is Post-editing Dead?

Many of us who have had the displeasure of post-editing a translation created by a machine would agree that the process is slow, tedious and out-of-style. However, there are always two sides of the story. So, we decided to ask our Twitter followers on their opinion of the post-editing process. The results? 47% of translators […]


Team Lilt Spotlight: Josie Pang

What is your role at Lilt?

I work on sales, marketing and customer success at Lilt. I’m incredibly excited by our product and its potential, so I’m thrilled to be working alongside our translators and sharing our technology with the world.


Team Lilt Spotlight: Marina Lee

This week we’re chatting with Lilt team member, Marina Lee. Keep reading to learn more about Marina and don’t forget to say hello to her at ATA 58!


Case Study: First Large-Scale Application of Auto-Adaptive MT

Combining Machine Translation (MT) with auto-adaptive Machine Learning (ML) enables a new paradigm of machine assistance. Such systems learn from the experience, intelligence and insights of their human users, improving productivity by working in partnership, making suggestions and improving accuracy over time.

The net […]


Happy Translator's Day

Happy Translator’s Day, my fellow Translators and Interpreters!

On this day, I would like to recognize and commend fellow translators for the work we do and what it requires, and address any layperson’s misconception that a fluent bilingual may as well serve as a qualified translator. That this is not so may be so (painfully) […]


Advanced Terminology Management in Lilt

Our new advanced termbase editor lets you manage terminology more effectively by keeping terms organized with meta information that you can customize.

Import terminology with meta fields or add your own fields. Your terms will appear in both the Lexicon and the Editor suggestions and help you increase consistency and quality.


Keeping Your Data Secure in Lilt

In a world where data hacks and breaches seem to make front-page news more often than we’d like, a common question translators and businesses have about Lilt is usually: is my data safe?No need to worry. Lilt was built with that concern in mind. Read the answers below to some common questions about security in Lilt.

Is my […]


Cognitive Processes of Interpreting and Translation

Ever wonder what happens in the process of translation/interpretation “under the hood?” Let’s look at the mode of interpretation first. Cognitive processes that take place in a simultaneous interpreter’s mind and brain are intense and all happening nearly at the same time. Neurons are firing in all directions, igniting […]


What We’re Reading: Domain Attention with an Ensemble of Experts

A major problem in effective deployment of machine learning systems in practice is domain adaptation — given a large auxiliary supervised dataset and a smaller dataset of interest, using the auxiliary dataset to increase performance on the smaller dataset. This paper considers the case where we have K datasets from distinct […]