LILT-WPML Connector: Reach a Global Audience with your WordPress Site

by Allison Yarborough
4 Minute Read

In an increasingly digital world, having a website that can reach a global audience is crucial for businesses and organizations to engage with their customers. Whether expanding into a new geographic market, improving customer experience in an existing market, or expanding your existing web presence, offering web content in the languages of your customers is essential. However, translating your WordPress website into all relevant languages is no small feat. Legacy translation workflows involved hours of manual work for content teams, downloading, sending, and uploading content. 

The LILT-WordPress Multilingual (WPML) Connector alleviates these challenges for global content teams, allowing them to seamlessly send and receive content for translation without ever having to leave their WordPress instance. This translates to a less manual workflow, fewer errors, time saved, as well as some extra budget left over for other projects. 

In this blog post, we will explore some of the key benefits customers experience by implementing an enterprise AI translation solution and the key features of LILT's integration with WordPress Multilingual (WPML).  

Benefits of Using AI Translation for Global Content Teams

Global enterprises are investing in AI strategies to take advantage of the incredible efficiencies generated by machine learning technology. Translation is a key strategic business area that can instantly benefit from an AI-driven approach. Incorporating AI into website localization enables faster decision-making, increased efficiency, higher quality, and greater consistency across content.

Reach a Wider Audience

With the time and budget efficiencies of an AI translation solution, your team can translate more web pages into more languages faster than ever before. This means a wider audience for your WordPress website, stronger conversion, and hopefully additional revenue. 

Faster Turnaround Times

With the efficiencies generated by the predictive nature of LILT's Contextual AI Platform and In-Context Learning, linguists can deliver translated content up to 3x faster than traditional LSPs. This higher velocity enables global content teams to streamline their campaign strategy and go to market that much more quickly. 

Enterprise-Grade Quality

With LILT's AI-driven approach and human quality guarantee, you can rest assured that translation is not only accurate but written in your organization’s unique brand voice. AI enables this leading quality without sacrificing speed or cost efficiency. 


Getting Started with LILT-WPML Connector

The LILT-WPML Connector workflow enables global content teams to use Contextual AI for their content localization, and the best part is… it is ready for your team to deploy today!

With this integration, your WordPress site can directly integrate with LILT's Contextual AI Platform. Using the LILT-WPML Connector, you can send content for translation in seconds – choose the source content on the Translation dashboard, request translation, choose the target languages, and you are all set!

WPML Connector DiagramYour content will then be translated by a skilled linguist in the LILT Contextual AI Platform, powered by the Contextual AI Engine. LILT's Contextual AI Engine is trained on baseline data and then fine-tuned with your company-specific data. As LILT translators provide feedback, the Contextual AI Engine learns in real-time from their inputs. With each confirmed translation segment, the engine instantly retrains and learns from Human Feedback to make better translation predictions. This approach guarantees content quality and fine-tunes the Contextual AI Engine, leading to improved quality and enhanced brand specificity over time. 

While the translators work, your team can track the progress of existing projects on the Translation Dashboard. Once your finished translations are completed, they are sent back into the Translation Jobs section of WPML, where they can be published in seconds.

If your team is looking to streamline content workflows with AI, the LILT-WPML Connector is an ideal solution. Connect with your team to learn more about how you can build a meaningful global customer experience on your WordPress website with LILT.