LILT Wins 2023 Global Generative AI Award

by Lucas Kim
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LILT Wins 2023 Global Generative AI Award

LILT honored with recognition of excellence, innovation, and impact in Generative AI

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San Francisco, CA - January 15, 2024 - LILT, the leading AI solution for enterprise translation and content creation, today was announced as a winner in the Business Sector in the 2023 Global Generative AI Awards. LILT has been celebrated for a “pioneering application of generative AI that has driven business growth, optimized operations, and improved customer experiences across various industries and geographies.”

"In 2023, our product velocity and customer adoption accelerated meaningfully," said Spence Green, CEO of Lilt. "We’re proud to be setting a new standard in enterprise AI, and the Global Generative AI Award validates the impact that our enterprise and government customers are now realizing with Generative AI through use of our innovative solution."


LILT Generative AI Innovation

LILT pioneered the use of generative AI and LLMs with contextual learning for enterprise localization. It was the first to deliver an enterprise scale product of this type and has many years of operational experience deploying advanced AI in enterprise workloads.

In 2023, LILT released several innovative features within its Generative AI platform, including: 

V3 Contextual AI models, with 5x greater capacity and 20%+ higher quality

LILT Create, a Generative AI solution for multilingual content generation

Model Builder, an LLM hub with fine-tuning support for third-party models like Microsoft Translator and OpenAI GPT 3.5.

Multi-function AI connectors, allowing Verified, Instant and Create workflows within desired content systems

Enterprise AI controls & data security settings

Self-serve data & linguistic asset management

Workflow design & deployment


About Global Generative AI Award

The Global Generative AI Award is a prestigious recognition program that celebrates excellence, innovation, and impact in the application of generative AI. Their mission is to identify and honor organizations and individuals who are utilizing Generative AI technology and harnessing its potential to transform various sectors, improve lives, and create a better future for all. The award assessed nominees on characteristics including innovation and originality, impact and effectiveness, scalability and sustainability, collaboration and knowledge sharing, and ethics and responsible AI.

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About LILT

LILT is the complete Generative AI solution for enterprise content creation and translation. Our stack, made up of our Contextual AI Engine, Connector APIs, and human feedback, enables global organizations to adopt a true AI strategy to scale, and optimize their global content, product, communication, and support operations.With LILT, innovative, category-defining organizations like Intel, ASICS, WalkMe, and Canva are using AI technology to deliver multilingual, digital customer experiences at scale.

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