November '21 Lilt Updates

by Aaron Williams
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Welcome to the November 2021 Lilt update. In November, we shared how Lilt and Intel collaborate to scale global experiences, highlighted Lilt customers making learning more accessible and approachable, and went behind the scenes in a Lilt translator spotlight.

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Lilt and Intel Scale Global Experiences


Intel, the largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world, recently featured Lilt’s predictive, adaptive neural machine translation platform, which enables businesses to scale their global experiences, in a customer spotlight.

As a member of Intel AI Builders, Lilt and Intel collaborate to optimize the performance, latency, and scalability of Lilt’s AI-enabled technology. The results of this collaboration are passed on directly to Lilt’s customers through faster and higher quality translations.

Intel’s localization team is also a Lilt customer, and they have realized a 40% year-over-year reduction in translation costs since deploying Lilt’s artificial intelligence powered translation services.

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Educational Organizations Choose Lilt

Accelerate_Learning_Customer_Quote-1Education is a unique individual journey with countless connotations, levels, and formats, but every educational pursuit is fueled by a desire to learn new information.

Lilt is on a mission to make the world’s information accessible to everyone regardless of where they were born or which language they speak, and we are proud to work with educational organizations that operate across the classroom, workplace, and online to make learning more accessible and approachable for students, employees, and communities, regardless of native language.


Lilt Translator Spotlight

Employee Translator Spotlight v2 (1)At Lilt, we’re focused on providing the highest quality translations possible, and that requires fostering a community of the best and most experienced translators.

We recently met with Georgina Reparado to learn about her background, the evolution of professional translation, and what a day in the life of a Lilt translator looks like in the latest installment of our Translator Spotlight.


Review Best Practices

Lilt CEO at Intel AI Summit

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What you don’t know about your translated content, especially in the languages that nobody on your team speaks, presents a liability for your brand. Implementing a translation review process is the most common solution for uncertain translation quality, but not all translation reviews are created equal. Follow these best practices for reviewing translated content to ensure your review process is delivering value.

Spence Green, Lilt CEO, took the stage at Intel AI Summit 2021 to discuss scaling localization with artificial intelligence and automation. Watch the on-demand session to learn how organizations are using the latest advances in AI and automation to augment the power of human ingenuity, amplify human productivity, and achieve higher ROI in their localization and globalization programs.


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