Translator Community Spotlight: Meet Georgina Reparado

by Drew Evans
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Here at Lilt, we’re focused on providing the highest quality translations possible, and that requires a large professional network of translators. We've spent years building a community of experienced and quality translators, and we're excited to showcase the incredible individuals helping to lead the charge.

Much like our Employee Spotlight series, we're sharing the backgrounds of the talented professionals in our community in our newest series, the Translator Spotlight Series.


What does a day in the life of your job look like?

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I wake up on the early side and prepare my mate drink along with something to eat. After that, I usually take classes (I'm studying to become a Teacher in Audiovisual Arts - and very close to finishing!), and then I head up to an office space I share with other independent workers (mainly architects). Then, I check my schedule and start typing along with music, radio or podcasts. I share lunch with my coworkers and go back to the keyboard until I finish up what I had set to do on that day. 


Why did you become a translator?

Since I was a kid, I've developed a close relationship with Spanish through literature and movies. In my opinion, translation is much more about knowing and loving your native language than the one you translate from (although, of course, you have to know the source language really well too - but all the love goes to the final text in the end :)). 

Also, and very importantly, I had the most amazing English teacher named Daniela during my childhood. That made me feel comfortable and curious to keep learning and be around English for the rest of my life. I studied other careers too (History and Audiovisual Arts) apart from what I'm doing now.


Where is your happy place outside of work? What do you like to do for fun?

My bike, the parks in Rosario, Argentina, the Río Paraná, basketball Thursdays with my team, and, above all, the company of my son, family, and friends. And drinking mate on all of these occasions!



Does translation play a role in your personal life?

It does, of course. It's my daily work and my source of income, but it's also the place where I've been able to meet a lot of wonderful people throughout my life. 


How has translation changed over the years?

I think the most significant change I've seen over the years is our relationship as workers with technology. We moved from apprehension and distrust to be able to adopt it as a powerful tool that paves our way every day. Also, the fascinating monster of the internet made room for many new and exciting types of content that I personally welcome.


What do you think the future of translation holds?

I hope we can build a stronger bond with technology developments. To make the most of the tools available while honing what makes us unique: our human approach, understanding, and ability to shape and beautify language.

Also, I wish we can grow stronger as a workers community. I think as freelancers, we have a long way to go in terms of networking, getting to know each other, and sharing experience and knowledge. I'm convinced that these processes can only improve our daily work and that big things can come from that.




Is technology important to you? Has it helped your day to day process?

Technology is essential for our profession. I have worked most of my professional life with people worldwide and have always relied on tech tools to complete tasks, achieve goals, and keep learning to grow my career. I know we call paper-and-pen translation work with the same name as what we do, but I dare to say they are two completely different activities. Technology and translation are an integral whole now.


What's something that most people don't know about you?

That I have a love-hate relationship with my computer, that I'm very much into politics, and that I think humor is one of the most underrated achievements of humankind.

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