November '20 Lilt Updates

by Allison Yarborough
5 Minute Read

Welcome to the November 2020 Newsletter. For Lilt, November was a month that focused heavily on our translators. 

In addition to launching our newest, fastest CAT tool, we also announced our biggest support to date of the translator community by becoming Diamond Sponsors of Translators without Borders. 

We know how hard our translators work, and we always seek to support them as much as possible! Read on to learn about our newest features that do just this, and more.

• • •

At Lilt, we focus on delivering quality translations and fast turnaround times for our customers. As part of that, we’re releasing our newest CAT tool, which includes a series of features that help translators deliver better and faster translations.

Faster content turnaround times and translator productivity ultimately result in lower costs for you, our customers. As we shared at Lilt Ascend, Lilt’s newest CAT Tool responds faster than ever, with an average response rate of 150ms. We’re now excited to share that it also incorporates a number of features that make it more intuitive and navigable, making our translators more effective and ultimately producing better localization outcomes for you.

Segment Context

Translators can now easily reference segment context, resulting in higher quality translated content. Our new sidebar segment context provides access to termbase and TM results, providing translators consolidated access to context that helps them translate more accurately.

Segment context

Find & Replace

No more searching for a needle in a haystack! Our new Find & Replace feature allows translators to search for and replace specific words as they translate, enabling greater accuracy as they ensure that your preferred tone and messaging are consistent throughout a translation.

Find and Replace-1With the ability to quickly find and replace terms in real time, Lilt offers translators an additional tool to more effectively produce the quality translations you expect.

In our quest to continuously support our linguists, we’ve also added more features to our navigation menu in order to help translators be more productive and effective:


A new auto-scroll setting allows linguists to automatically navigate to the next unconfirmed segment, saving time and increasing speed of translation, ultimately reducing your content turnaround times.


Tag Navigation

A series of new keyboard shortcuts now facilitate faster tag navigation in the Editor, including tag toggling, movement, and selection. Lilt’s hotkeys allows translators to reduce time spent lifting their hands to and from the keyboard, increasing efficiency and content turnaround times:

Tag HotkeysFor more information, please check out the Header Bar and Hotkeys in our knowledge base.

Ascend 2020 On-Demand

In October, hundreds of localization professionals tuned into our largest conference yet, Ascend 2020. If you were unable to join discussions led by organizations like Canva, Intel, ASICS, and more, you can watch the recordings now.

Don’t have time for on-demand recordings? No problem! Get the Ascend 2020 Cheat Sheets, bundled all together for your convenience.

Lilt Connectors

Lastly, we’re excited to share more information about our Smartling Connector, a core Connector in our TMS Connector Suite. The Lilt <> Smartling Connector makes integrating Lilt into your current systems and workflow easier than ever:

 Smartling Connector

Smartling Connector demo video and additional detail

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The Lilt Team