Lilt Launches Instant Translate Machine Translation Solution

by Allison Yarborough
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Lilt Launches Instant Translate Machine Translation Solution

New User Interface Enables Higher Quality Machine Translation in a Secure Environment

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San Francisco, CA - August 5, 2021 - Lilt, the modern language service and technology provider, today announced the launch of Instant Translate, a transformative product that provides access to higher-quality machine translation in a secure environment. Instant Translate is part of the Lilt Platform and enables users to quickly and easily translate content using a customized, human-in-the-loop trained neural machine translation engine.

Historically, analysts that need quick access to information in different languages have been forced to enter secure or sensitive content into publicly available, cloud-based solutions. Use of these solutions drops content directly into a non-secure machine translation engine, jeopardizing content security. With Instant Translate, users can easily enter source text or upload bundles of documents, all in a secure environment and intuitive interface within the Lilt Platform.

Instant Translate users receive content that has been translated by a unique adaptive neural machine translation engine. Trained by human linguists and human feedback, this engine continuously improves and learns, enabling it to generate higher quality translations. Unlike most machine translation systems, Instant Translate combines customized engines with Translation Memories, delivering higher-quality content from a neural machine translation engine that has been trained on each customer’s unique content and translation preferences.

“Quick access to translation of time-sensitive, classified information is not only necessary, but imperative for many of our customers,” said Lilt CEO Spence Green. “Instant Translate is just one example of the many innovations we’ve designed to support national security missions.”

Accessible via the Lilt Platform, Instant Translate will dramatically increase access to information for thousands of government analysts, as well as numerous stakeholders at high-security commercial entities. As the Lilt Platform can be run in the cloud or on-premise, Instant Translate offers the public sector a highly-secure, high-quality translation solution. Using this feature, analysts can now upload classified documents to the Lilt Platform and quickly access higher-quality translated content with a few simple clicks of a button.

Instant Translate provides a highly intuitive interface that is easy for non-technical and non-specialized stakeholders to use. Instant Translate enables individual users to easily batch translate multiple documents of the same source language (or languages) at once, providing quick access to time-sensitive information.

Instant Translate is available today and can be provided to select Lilt customers. As a provider of innovative, secure translation solutions, Lilt is Cyber Essentials and SOC-2 certified. For more information about Lilt and its secure-environment translation solutions, please reach out to 

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