Using AI to Create Multilingual Content with Lilt Create

by Elly Lee
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Get excited! We recently announced the launch of Lilt Create, a multilingual writing tool that will revolutionize the way businesses create content for global markets. 

Lilt is the first-ever AI translation solution to offer both multilingual content translation and creation, enabling teams to quickly and easily generate on-brand, locally relevant content. Businesses no longer have to choose between creating content in one hub, then translating to other languages, or decentralizing content creation – Lilt Create offers a balance of both.

What is Lilt Create?

Lilt Create’s intuitive interface is designed for non-technical and non-specialized stakeholders, making it an easy addition to toolkits for regional teams such as marketing, customer support, and communications. Lilt Create can be applied to a variety of content types including blog posts, ad copy, support pages, and HR flyers, optimizing agility and allowing for faster go-to-market.

The new product also leverages multilingual data verified through previous work with Lilt, such as historical translations, company brand style guides, glossaries, and keywords. This makes it possible for users to generate higher-quality, brand-aligned content that reflects a company’s preferences, tone, and style while still allowing for local relevance and context. 

Watch the full webinar recording, Strategies for Successful Enterprise Adoption, for a demo of Lilt Create from our CEO Spence Green.

Benefits of Lilt Create for your Global Organization

Quicker Speed-to-Market

The traditional process of creating, translating, reviewing, and reworking content can take days, and Lilt Create aims to compress that process using AI. Streamline the production of multilingual content by reducing the number of review and approval processes.

Paired with our Contentful Connector, marketers can go from idea to published post 90% faster.

Consistent Global Voice

Built on top of Lilt's existing AI platform, Lilt Create uses the content database generated from verified translation workflows to ensure the AI-generated content is on-brand and accurate. Lilt Create can instantly integrate company-specific TMs and glossaries to make sure your organization's brand identity is preserved in all regional and international materials.

Local Tone and Relevance

Maintaining an updated content database and retraining systems based on Human Feedback are especially important when using this tool. Create global content that speaks to local audiences and give regional teams the power to leverage their locale's nuances with your corporation's communication style.

Enterprise-grade quality

Leverage historical business data and large language models to achieve top quality. Integrate specialized vocabulary and phrases to create content that meets the specific requirements and can scale with your growing content needs.

We’re thrilled to offer this revolutionary new app to our customers. Lilt Create eliminates the need to choose between speed and local relevance in global content creation strategies, and makes it easier than ever to create content in any language. To learn more about Lilt Create and access the public preview, sign up for a free trial!

“Enterprise organizations are routinely forced to trade off between speed and local relevance in their global content creation strategy. Lilt Create offers our customers an additional tool to empower their regional teams and develop an optimized, fit-to-purpose global content creation strategy, eliminating that tradeoff.”

Frame 25Spence Green

CEO, Lilt

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