Unlocking Global eLearning Through Localization

by Nadia Hlebowitsh
3 Minute Read

eLearning has become an educational lifeline across the globe.

At the start of the pandemic, eLearning was an essential mode of continuing classroom education. Now, eLearning is surging as a convenient alternative to in-person education. Even companies are following suit by providing online training and up-skilling for their employees.

There’s no doubt that eLearning will continue to grow. In fact, experts predict that the eLearning market will be worth $325 billion by 2025. As eLearning continues to boom globally, localization has (and will continue to) become an essential partner for educational success.

Let’s take a deep dive into eLearning localization and why it’s important for unlocking global educational results.

Types of eLearning Content to Localize

eLearning localization involves a wide range of content for both classrooms and businesses. Some common types of eLearning content that would benefit from localization include:

- eLearning courses
- Company training materials
- Online business upskilling
- Video lessons
- Student workbooks
- Multimedia presentations
- Educational brochures
- Educational marketing materials (social posts and photos/graphics/media)
- Educational blogs, case studies, ebooks, etc.
- Educational legal copy

Even though some types of content are more easily localized than others, when it comes to the true customer experience for all users, it's important to keep in mind that it's global. Providing an equally positive experience for all users becomes key when expanding and launching in new markets.

5 Reasons to Consider eLearning Localization

eLearning localization can support global students and bring exciting results into your classroom or workplace. Here are a few reasons why localization for eLearning just makes sense.

Boost educational service range

eLearning localization takes your same amazing content and makes it available in other languages. In this way, you can expand the range of your educational services.

Build trust with new student segments

When eLearning localization is done correctly, new students will identify with the content and trust the course builders. In turn, aligning content with students’ needs can lead to greater brand loyalty.

Personalize student experience globally

Whenever possible, education should be personalized to students. Localization for eLearning means rethinking the user experience for every target locale. By refitting educational content, students will have a richer educational experience.

Enhance brand searchability

Localization isn’t just good for students, it’s also ideal for expanding your brand reach. With online courses in several languages, you’ll boost your international SEO and searchability, resulting in more customers.

Position yourself as a local expert

High-quality education is valued everywhere. With expert eLearning localization, you can position your brand as an educational leader.

Power up Education Everywhere

eLearning localization is no easy feat. Linguists have to consider the cultural and educational context of the locale, plus any technological barriers. That’s why you need an expert localization provider to get the job done right.

Before you get started, make sure to set up your educational products to be localization-friendly. You might also check out your website’s analytics to discover what potential target audiences could be effective.