Team Lilt Spotlight: Marina Lee

by Josie Pang
1 Minute Read


This week we’re chatting with Lilt team member, Marina Lee. Keep reading to learn more about Marina and don’t forget to say hello to her at ATA 58!

What is your role at Lilt?

Translation Project Management: I cultivate Lilt’s relationships with the translators: I engage, talk, and listen to them.

What drew you to work in translation?

I’ve been fascinated by languages since childhood. I wanted to transcend the confines of one language and culture to penetrate and explore different ones, and then to facilitate this experience for others. Translation was a natural choice for me.

What do you wish other people knew about Lilt?

How easy it is to use Lilt! (And this is exactly how translation technology should be). Lilt enables the translator to work more effectively and efficiently, and for me personally, with much greater satisfaction.

What are currently reading?

“Design of Everyday Things” by Donald A. Norman.