Statement on Ukraine

by Spence Green
1 Minute Read

We at Lilt are saddened to witness the events that have unfolded in Ukraine over the past weeks, and we unequivocally condemn Russia’s acts of aggression. To our Ukrainian colleagues, our Ukrainian translator community, and all those with ties to the country, our support for you is unconditional.

Many of us at Lilt are blessed by physical distance from the conflict zone. But physical distance does not absolve us of our collective responsibility to help those in need. Here's what we're doing around the company to help.

- We have stopped all payments into Russia. While we have no intention of penalizing linguists for work already completed, we are not doing business in Russia.
- Our production teams are in touch with and offering support to affected linguists in Ukraine.
- Our People team is prepared to help employees who need assistance.
- Our research team will launch improved Ukrainian translation systems next week. We're also prepared to train other regional systems should our customers need them.
- We as a company have made a donation to our partner Translators without Borders, which is organizing linguists to support refugees.
- We provide a lifestyle benefits platform to our employees called Fringe, and our employees can now directly donate all or a portion of their benefits to a range of organizations directly supporting Ukrainians affected by the Russian invasion.

Finally, we encourage everyone to give what they can to worthy causes supporting Ukraine. For those who want to join us in supporting Translators without Borders, you can donate to the Ukraine mission here.