Announcing the State of Localization 2021 Report

by Peter McCall
2 Minute Read

The COVID-19 pandemic is shaping up to be one of the most influential experiences that most individuals and businesses have ever encountered. On one side, it’s changed the way consumers interact with companies. On the other, it’s transformed the way companies operate and plan for the future.

What has become apparent over the last year, however, is that things are different and will likely continue in that direction for the foreseeable future. Individuals now have unprecedented opportunities to find, communicate, and purchase products digitally. While digital transformations were happening prior to the pandemic, they’ve only accelerated since.

As a result, companies are left trying to both catch up with increased demand and strategize for what comes next. Global customer experience and localization have never been more important, and the professionals involved in both are working to adjust to current trends and future “norms”.

That’s why we’re excited to present the State of Localization Report 2021 - a comprehensive report detailing findings from an in-depth analysis of survey responses from 900 professionals involved in global experience and localization. 

Get insights from VPs of Localization and Translation Program Managers to CMOs and Product Leads coming from various companies and backgrounds. From this data, we were able to paint a better picture of the impact, challenges, and trends that the industry faces overall, what’s missing and what will likely change in the coming years.

The numbers, data trends, and takeaways from this report show that one thing is abundantly clear: a new age of global customer experience is here. 

To download your copy of the report and get the key insights for global experience and localization in 2021 and beyond, visit Save your spot for our upcoming State of Localization 2021 webinar by registering here.