September '20 Lilt Updates

by Allison Yarborough
5 Minute Read

Welcome to the September 2020 Newsletter. It’s been a big month for us! We announced our TMS Connectors, which allow us to seamlessly integrate into customer localization workflows and TMSs. We also announced our annual conference - Lilt Ascend 2020 - to be held on October 22nd this year:

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Lilt Ascend will be a great opportunity to learn more about our new TMS Connectors, but more importantly to learn from industry leaders and network with your peers. We hope you can join us! Read on to learn more.

• • •

TMS Connectors

First and foremost, we’re excited to highlight that just last week, we released a suite of TMS Connectors that make integrating Lilt into your current TMS and workflows easier than ever.


Translation Management Systems

XTM Connector web page and additional detail

Smartling web page and additional detail

SDL TMS web page and additional detail

Worldserver web page and additional detail

XTM Connector screenshot(We’re so excited about this that Shaun, our Head of Product, wrote a blog about it - check it out!)

In-App API Key

While customers previously had to ask their Lilt account rep for access, Lilt now has organization-level API keys. These keys can be viewed with three simple steps in Lilt:

1. Select Organization from the main menu

2. Select API Access from the sidebar

3. Copy your API Key

API access is a role-based permission; managers can view an organization’s API key, and administrators can view as well as reset.

For more information, please check out Retrieving Your API Key in our knowledge base.

New Tag Hotkeys

We’re always excited to see new hotkey shortcuts that make our linguists faster and more efficient! Translators can now navigate between tags for segments (unconfirmed and confirmed) with the following keyboard shortcuts:

Ctrl + ] now navigates to the next tag

Ctrl + [ now navigates to the previous tag

For more information, please check out Tags and Formatting in our knowledge base.

BiDi Direction Markers

The CAT editor is now easier to use than ever, with new right-to-left and left-to-right direction marks that indicate adjacent character grouping for text direction. 

With the new indicators, text appears as the writer intended.

BiDi indicators

Simply enter one of the markers directly after the word to change its direction. 

For more information, please check out Translator Release Notes in our knowledge base, and this video demo showing how the markers work.

Project Cards and Deadlines

Project cards now show the date and time for assignment and project deadlines (rather than just date). 

Project Deadlines

A new, uniform component for deadline setting also now allows service managers to set the project due date and time in the app, rather than just date.

• • •

Eager for more? Join us at Lilt Ascend 2020, where we’ll be sharing a number of updates about Lilt, including a demo of our new TMS Connectors as well as insights into exciting product releases we’ll have coming in Q4:

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We hope to see you there! Thank you for reading, and thank you for translating with Lilt.


The Lilt Team