Using Research to Build the Future of Global Experience: Webinar Recap

by Elly Lee
3 Minute Read

In today’s digital-first world, the best customer experience wins. However, building experiences that reach global customers is a challenging task — one that requires strategy, process, and the right technology. 

In our webinar, Using Research to Build the Future of Global Experience, we explored how innovative technology built on research and behavioral data can improve how companies build global experiences for customers.

Read on to learn more about:
         - The current state of interaction between linguists and technology
         - Why reducing pain points and implementing innovative technology improvements can             increase productivity
         - How the right technology can make or break the global customer experience

Scaling to Meet Demand

It’s no secret that the volume of content is growing dramatically. Each year, companies are churning out more digital content than ever to reach new global audiences. And while human translators are essential to maintaining high-quality translations, they have limitations — this is where AI and machine translation can step in.

With the help of technology, localizing your content is more efficient, streamlined, faster, and higher-quality. At the end of the day, these time-saving and cost-efficient tools are what will drive your company to the finish line to meet growing content demand and build successful global experiences. 

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How Research Leads to Breakthrough Technologies

The most effective technologies are those built around the needs of linguists. Understanding and analyzing linguists’ behavior through a mix of quantitative and qualitative approaches are critical to developing efficient tools and technologies. Data visualizations such as heat maps can help address linguist pain points when interacting with a platform’s interface. 

By solving these roadblocks in technology, linguists can optimize efficiency, output, and word accuracy. With that, they can help companies translate content quicker, get to market faster, and ultimately reach their global audiences in a more streamlined way.

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What's Next?

As the world continues to adapt to a more digitally connected future, the way customers engage with brands and companies is completely changing. The entire customer journey is digital, and often, language is the missing component. And as the volume of global content continues to exponentially grow, it will become even more important for companies to think in terms of global experience and maintain a localization program that can grow and scale with increased global demand. 

Looking into the future, successful companies will be those that build an engaging global experience and harness the research-backed technology and tools for their linguists and systems.


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