October '21 Lilt Updates

by Aaron Williams
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Welcome to the October 2021 Lilt update. In October, we launched Instant Translation for our ZenDesk Connector, shared Ascend 2021 cheatsheets, and published a must-read Global Experience eBook.

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Instant Translation for Zendesk


We’re thrilled to announce that our Zendesk Connector now offers users the ability to choose between Verified or Instant Translation to localize Zendesk content.

Verified Translation sends your content to Lilt, where human linguists translate, review, and approve your newly localized content before sending it back to Zendesk for review and publishing.

Instant Translation provides a machine translated version of your article within seconds, and with more than 70 supported languages, it’s the quickest way to localize your Zendesk content.

Read more about our Zendesk Connector in the Lilt knowledge base here.

Ascend Cheatsheets Banner

At Ascend 2021, leaders from diverse industries and departments discussed:

     • How to build a seamless global experience for your customers

     • How to reach a global audience with accessible marketing

     • How to build products that incorporate the needs of global users

We're excited to share three cheatsheets that have distilled insights from Ascend 2021 into digestible and actionable takeaways. For further learnings, you can watch all of the Ascend 2021 sessions in their entirety here.

How to Grow, Launch, Scale, and Measure Global Experience Why Marketing is Key for Global Customer Experience How to Build Products with Global Experience in Mind

Lilt Translate Enhancements

At Lilt, we obsess over the translator experience, and we’re excited to share two enhancements to Translate that are helping translators work faster and access more content context, resulting in quicker and more accurate translations for all Lilt customers.

Our new infinite scrolling provides a seamless translation environment for each document. By eliminating document pagination, linguists never have to wait for a new page to load and don’t miss segment context that came directly before or after the first and last segment on a page.

Contextual TM metadata, our latest segment context enhancement, surfaces information about a TM or TB directly in the Translate sidebar. By providing linguists with the ability to see TM or TB metadata in-line, context is immediately shared and duplicates are grouped for optimal display.

eBook: Building for a New Age in Global Customer Experience

global-experience-ebookFilled with insights from some of the most iconic leaders in global experience, this eBook is a must read for anyone interested in the strategies, technology, and processes that localization and global experience leaders use in order to win in the new digital era.

Lilt Employee Spotlight

lilt-research-scientist-employee-spotlightYunsu Kim, a Research Scientist in our Berlin office, devises and applies mathematical methods to enhance the capabilities of Lilt’s translation suggestion systems and machine translation engines.

Learn about Yunsu’s background, passions, and what a day in the life of a Lilt Research Scientist looks like in the latest installment of our Employee Spotlight.

The Lilt Research team is driving the future of translation technology. To learn more about the team, check out their recent work on our website here.

Lilt CEO Discusses GX on the Yeukai Business Show


Listen to Spence Green, Lilt CEO, discuss the importance of language and localization when building a comprehensive global experience strategy on the latest episode of the Yeukai Business Show.



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