November '19 Product Update

by Peter McCall
4 Minute Read

Faster Translation Suggestions

We've heard a lot from our users about how important speed is when translating, which is we built our new Partial Updates feature.

Translations suggestions will appear more quickly as you type so that our translation system will always keep up with your typing speed. This should make Lilt feel more responsive than ever before.

If you'd like to try this feature, turn it on in the Editor's Settings menu under "Partial updates."


Reviewer Auto-Propagation

We've also released a great new feature called Reviewer Auto-Propagation. Prior to this release, auto-propagation was only available in Translate mode once translators marked a segment as complete.

Auto-propagation is now also available in Review mode once reviewers mark a segment as accepted. This makes reviewers' jobs easier by speeding up the process of accepting segments that are exactly the same source-target.

Now both forwards and backwards auto-propagation work across the entire Editor - whether in Translate or Review mode.

Role-Based Access Control

We're excited to announce a preview of our Role-Based Access Control feature. We will be slowly rolling this out to customers via an opt-in process, so if you're interested in participating, please drop us a line at

The Role-Based Access Control feature has three key components:

Customization: The translation process is sufficiently unique and dynamic enough at each company to require custom roles to meet their specific needs.

Control: We've built the ability control access to specific parts of the localization process to certain custom roles.

Third-party vendor access: Because we know that many businesses outsource parts of their localization to third-party vendors aside from Lilt, managers can now restrict access to the parts of the process for which each vendor is responsible

Improved FrameMaker File Filter

Finally, we've improved our Adobe FrameMaker file filter. We now translate FrameMaker content using FrameMaker's custom MIF format.

Previously, the import process exposed a large quantity of internal file metadata for translation, distorting word counts and occasionally confusing some of our translators. The filter has been improved to remove this noise and only expose the correct translatable content.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for translating with Lilt.


The Lilt Team