March '23 Lilt Updates

by Elly Lee
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Our team at Lilt brings exciting news! We’re thrilled to share the launch of our Contextual AI Engine, AI DataStudio, and a new platform tour. 

Read on to learn more about what we were up to in March.

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Translating Success: How AI is Changing the Enterprise LandscapPricing Page (2)

We’re hosting a 90-minute AI webinar on 4/11 at 5pm CET, 8am PDT! Join our panel of AI and localization experts as they shed light on the excitement surrounding LLMs and Contextual AI. 

Lilt’s data scientists, product managers, and CEO, are among the highlighted speakers. 

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Press Release: Lilt introduces Contextual AI Engine for Translation; Outperforms Google Translate and GPT-4 on accuracy, latency and cost
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We're excited to announce the launch of the Contextual AI Engine, a new GPT-style model for verified, enterprise-grade translation that delivers superior performance to GPT-4 and Google Translate. The Contextual AI Engine uses In-Context Learning (ICL) to model language for applications in legal, marketing, product, and many other enterprise use cases.

Read our press release.


Introducing Lilt Contextual AI: In-Context Learning for Enterprise Localization

Lilt (1080x1080)- Light Blue (5)With 5x more parameters than the previous Lilt model it replaces, Contextual AI powers the Verified (with human verification) and Instant (fully automatic) enterprise localization workflows. 

Contextual AI outperforms both GPT-4 and Google Translate while remaining over 1000x more compact than GPT-4. 

Read our technical blog post.


Take a Tour of Lilt’s Platform

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Get preview access to Lilt's Platform and learn how you can enhance your translations with the Contextual AI Engine. Start by translating content from English to German, one of the most difficult languages to master, and compare it to Google Translate and DeepL. Watch this 1-minute video to learn about Adaption, Prediction, and Comparison within the Lilt platform.

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Once Viewed As a Threat, AI Technology Will Benefit Translation Community

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Built upon a foundation of contextual AI, Lilt offers a clear and distinct vision for how linguists and AI can thrive together. By combining the essential subject matter expertise and creativity of linguists with the unrivaled machine learning capabilities of AI, Lilt provides unparalleled benefits to linguists and customers alike.

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AI DataStudio

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Lilt was excited to announce the launch of AI DataStudio, an enterprise-grade data labeling solution. 

With AI DataStudio, global companies can leverage the same enterprise-grade architecture that Lilt uses to create training data for its own systems, and for its most demanding government customers. AI DataStudio supports more than 60 languages and includes built-in support for fraud detection of AI-generated text, which undermines the effectiveness of In-Context Learning.

Learn more here.

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