Lilt Expands To Support Enterprises Throughout The New Global Experience Revolution

by Allison Yarborough
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Lilt Expands to Support Enterprises Throughout The New Global Experience Revolution

Moving beyond localization, market leader now helps companies improve engagement, redefining and building better digital experiences for their global customers.

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San Francisco, CA - October 7, 2021 - Lilt, the modern language service and technology provider, at Ascend 2021, the company's annual virtual conference, announced its expanded business focus on the new Global Experience, along with a number of supporting products and services.

“Lilt was founded with the goal of enabling enterprises to personalize digital products and services to the customer’s preferred language. As we began to work more with our enterprise customers, we realized that the responsibility for language was fragmented across different systems and departments, making it difficult to deliver a consistent Global Experience to customers,” said Lilt CEO Spence Green. “Our expanded focus on providing solutions and support across their Global Experience will elevate organizations’ ability to build consistently high quality customer journeys across all languages.”

While most companies attempt to deliver seamless experiences for their customers, many forget those customers who don’t speak the organization’s primary language. Departments frequently operate in silos, failing to localize every touchpoint on the customer journey, resulting in low engagement and a frustrating experience for customers.

Truly global companies that meet the demands of a highly digital audience need stakeholders that manage each step of the customer journey -- from sales and marketing to product development to customer success -- to focus cross-functionally on delivering an end-to-end journey for their global customers across all languages.

“Businesses have only just begun to realize the importance of language across the entire customer experience,” said Mark Rostick, VP & Senior Managing Director at Intel Capital. “The Global Experience, not just customer support or customer engagement as individual touchpoints, is now a category that businesses need to pay attention to and invest in -- and will continue to play an increasingly important role in a business’ success. We are excited to see the impact Lilt can have as the corporate world begins to pay attention to this pressing need.”

As part of its new expanded focus on the Global Experience, Lilt also presented its newest innovations that help businesses deliver the best customer experiences globally. Key features and tools highlighted included:


Dual-Approach Connectors

Lilt presented a live demo of the Lilt Figma Connector, one of Lilt’s newest integrations that enables users to populate content localized via either human translation or machine translation right within Figma.

Linguistic Data Asset Management

Lilt also presented a live demo of Multilingual Asset Management, a centralized management and quality control center for linguistic assets including translation memories, terminology, and more.

Lilt Workflows 

Lilt shared a sneak preview of Lilt Workflows, an upcoming feature that will allow businesses to designate differentiated workflows for content creation, review, and approval, including enhanced customer review features.


In addition to sharing its renewed focus on global experience, Lilt presented customers and global experience leaders from across the end-to-end customer journey. New customers announced at the conference included UI Path and Orca Security. 

Key global product sessions focused on the unique design challenges faced in designing products for multilingual customers. Global marketing sessions ideated on the importance of strategy and customer understanding for maximized customer engagement. Localization sessions highlighted the importance of innovation and leadership for building scalable programs.

In a world that is now indisputably digital-first, Lilt is more focused than ever on enabling the enterprise to deliver best-in-class experiences to all of their customers, no matter their language. As companies continue to increasingly prioritize this key business function, Lilt looks forward to working with customers to build, deploy, and optimize experiences for their global customers.

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