Lilt Awarded AFWERX Small Business Innovation Contract

by Jesse Rosenbaum
2 Minute Read

Language is one of the most powerful influences in our daily lives - the way we learn, the people we interact with, and the information we have access is all heavily dependent on the language we are born into. 

But that same common thread between humanity also can divide us. The knowledge available to us is limited by that language, and easily disconnects the world from itself. At Lilt, we’re constantly aiming to bridge that divide by translating the world’s content for all to consume, regardless of the language that they speak.

Government agencies rely on translation to provide vital governmental services to millions of non-English speaking citizens and coordinate with international counterparts around the globe. Whether it’s translating tax forms, enhancing collaboration on international disease research or foreign affairs and diplomacy, translation technology promises to transform how people interact with government at all levels.   

That’s why we’re extremely proud to announce that we have been awarded an AFWERX Small Business Innovation Research Phase II contract for language translation technology. Our software will be adapted to help the Air Force rapidly translate foreign language content and support air, space, and cyber operations around the world. 

The Air Force is in the middle of an amazing digital transformation, one that started just over three years ago. AFWERX was created for exactly that purpose - to ignite a passion for improvement through technology and digital tools. The program itself looks for cutting-edge companies that are building the latest and most innovative technologies, and we’re excited to be considered one of the companies at the forefront of this transformation.

As Lilt’s Head of Government Solutions, the opportunity to help Airmen experiment with advanced AI language capabilities as a civilian is especially rewarding. The Air Force was literally born out of the adoption of a new technological invention - the airplane - so it’s no surprise they’re investing in innovative AI solutions.  As an Air Force veteran, I’ve always been drawn by the Air Force’s reputation for embracing cutting edge tech and I’m thrilled to see Lilt selected for one of the few Air Force SBIR Phase II awards this year.

AFWERX considers the companies it works with as part of the Air Force family and community. Because of that, Lilt joins an amazing group of innovators and becomes a key member of that community to help the Air Force maintain its technological edge.

At the end of the day, Lilt’s core mission is to connect the world and break down language barriers so that everyone, regardless of the language they speak, can understand and learn. This partnership gives us a new opportunity to further that mission. We hope to help the Air Force collaborate with allies and partners around the world and ultimately help them continue to make sense of and connect with the world around us.

To learn more, read the press release here.