Keeping Your Data Secure in Lilt

by Josie Pang
2 Minute Read

In a world where data hacks and breaches seem to make front-page news more often than we’d like, a common question translators and businesses have about Lilt is usually: is my data safe?
No need to worry. Lilt was built with that concern in mind. Read the answers below to some common questions about security in Lilt.

Is my data shared with anyone?

Your data is private to your Lilt account. It is never shared with other accounts and/or users.
When you upload a translation memory or translate a document, those translations are only associated with your account. For Business customers, translation memories can be shared across your projects, but they are not shared with other users or third parties.

Is my data secure?

Yes. Communication between your computer and our database is encrypted. The data itself (e.g., source documents, translations, translation memories) are encrypted in our database.
You can remove your data at any time or delete your account entirely. To delete your account, send us a message via the support chat window at the lower right of the browser or directly to

Do you use Google Translate or Microsoft Translator?

No. We develop and train our own machine translation systems. The open-source decoder we use is called Phrasal, which is distributed by the Stanford University NLP Group. We actively contribute to Phrasal. Our Lexicon/concordance service is also open source and is developed in conjunction with the UC Berkeley Oscii Lab. You can find it on Github.

Your data never leaves our data center. We don’t use Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, Linguee, or any other third-party translation service. Every suggestion that you see originates from a service built and controlled by Lilt. 

Have any questions? Just let us know in the comments below or check out our privacy page!