June '23 Lilt Updates

by Elly Lee
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Say hello to summer This month, we launched Lilt Create, a generative AI tool that instantly creates enterprise-grade multilingual content, and held three webinars with speakers from Amazon Web Services, the UK Government, Box, and more. 

Read on to learn more about what else we were up to in June

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Lilt Launches Generative AI Multilingual Writing App: Lilt Create


Lilt Create enables regional teams to quickly and directly create brand-aligned, enterprise-grade content in any language. The addition of this app makes the Lilt Contextual AI Platform the first and only existing platform to offer both multilingual content translation and creation.

Read our press release and blog post about Lilt Create!

Lilt Create is available in public preview for any enterprise user through the end of July 2023. Sign up for our limited free trial

AI Day: Strategies for Successful Enterprise Adoption

AI Day Govt Session 5In the second webinar, Strategies for Successful Enterprise Adoption, of our AI Day series covers a discussion on AI in the enterprise, a demo of Lilt Create by CEO Spence Green, and why Box and ExecOnline deliberately chose to be early AI adopters and what strategies helped them reach their goals.

Watch the full webinar on-demand or read a summary here

Webinar: Build a Comprehensive AI Translation Strategy with Lilt + AWS 

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In this 40-minute webinar, we discuss how Lilt and AWS can help you build a comprehensive AI translation strategy. We cover the benefits of using AI for translation, how Lilt and AWS can work together, the different features and capabilities of Amazon Translate, Lilt's Verified Translation Solution and AI Data Studio, and security and compliance considerations. 

Watch the full webinar on-demand or read a summary here.

AI Day: Transforming Government Translation with AI

AI Day 2 Session 4 (3)Public sector organizations rely on effective communication to carry out their mission-critical tasks such as national security, public safety, healthcare, and education. To address these challenges, AI-driven language translation is now playing an essential role in transforming public sector workflows.

Earlier this month, we held a webinar with the National Weather Service and UK Government to discuss how AI-driven language translation can improve communication in various domains.

Watch the full webinar on-demand or read a summary here.

Lilt’s Figma Connector: Empowering Global Design Teams with Seamless AI Translation


Our Figma Connector makes it easy for global design teams to translate their designs directly within Figma. With this integration, designers can instantly preview their designs in all languages, scripts, and text directions, and create verified text from a single source of truth.

Learn more about the Figma Connector or check out our free demo in the Figma marketplace and see how AI translation can empower your global design team today!

Revolutionizing Finance Translation: How AI Meets Critical Requirements and Ensures Security

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Download this eBook to understand how investing in an AI translation solution is a highly effective way for organizations in the finance industry to scale and improve their localization processes.

Download your copy.

Lilt Bitbucket Connector


We are excited to announce yet another new code repository Connector – the Lilt <> Bitbucket Connector!

Your team can now streamline localization by sending content for translation and receiving localized content from inside Bitbucket. Avoid manual steps and the inconvenience of transferring content back and forth between platforms by translating directly in your preferred code hosting platform.

Learn more about the Lilt <> Bitbucket Connector here

Instant Translation Available in Lilt Connectors

MT IllustrationLilt customers have loved the versatility of our Dual Method Connectors, which allow content creators to send content for Verified or Instant Translation, depending on the project needs. 

We are excited to announce that more Lilt Connectors are now capable of supporting both Instant and Verified Translation. Whether you need translated content in minutes or quality-guaranteed content in hours, Lilt Connectors can support your varied translation needs.

Check out our full suite of Connector offerings here and reach out to our team at contact@lilt.com to learn more. 

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