June '21 Lilt Updates

by Allison Yarborough
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Welcome to the June 2021 Newsletter. In June, we released our inaugural State of the Localization report, which highlights key dynamics and trends faced by professionals in the industry today (some quite surprising!).

Read on to learn more.

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State of Localization Industry Report

It’s finally here! We’re pleased to share that our inaugural State of the Localization industry report is now freely available to all. Written from survey and interview data collected from more than 900 respondents, the State of Localization report highlights key trends and dynamics that professionals in the industry are experiencing.


Read more about the report in our blog post and press release, or download your complimentary copy directly here.

State of Localization Industry Webinar

To dive deeper on analysis of our recent report, we held a webinar to walk through the report findings, surface additional data not included in the report, and discuss the implications of the findings for the future of localization and global experience design.

V2-Women in Loc-Webinar-1200x630

If you missed it, never fear! You can access a recording of the webinar here.

New Feature: Multilingual Asset Management

Management of multilingual assets has been a core challenge for localization programs for years. Content becomes outdated, company preferences change, and updating linguistic assets is manual, slow, and error-prone.

We’re excited to announce Multilingual Asset Management, a new automated solution that eliminates hours of manual work, reduces opportunity for errors, and enables companies to deliver a more unified global customer experience through high-quality content.

This new feature allows teams to react quickly to brand and terminology changes, staying up-to-date with changing company preferences.


The feature provides automated quality checks, identifying mismatches between a customer’s legacy TM and current termbase. Once identified, a reviewer can assess each mismatch and update the TM to align with the current termbase, creating higher-quality, more brand-aligned linguistic assets.


The solution also will provide automated quality checks for grammar and spelling, helping customers build more accurate linguistic assets that enable better global content quality and consistency.

Kel Commins, Lilt’s Head of Solutions, shared his perspective on the pressing industry need for this next-generation tool in a guest post on our blog here.

Read more about it in our recent press release or in our knowledge base here.

New GXL Episodes

We recently shared two new episodes of our Global Experience Leaders series. This series explores the people leading the multilingual digital future - how they lead, innovate, and grow their careers.

Jochen Hummel, Founder and former CEO of Trados

Promo 1 Jochen

The series’ fourth session featured a conversation between Jochen Hummel, Founder and former CEO of Trados, and Spence Green, CEO of Lilt. Read more about the session on our blog, or watch it on our Youtube channel here

Thiago Schreiner, Senior Director, Global Localization at Blizzard Entertainment

Promo 1 Thiago-01

The series’ fifth session featured a conversation between Thiago Schreiner, Senior Director, Global Localization at Blizzard Entertainment, and Spence Green, CEO of Lilt. Read more about the session on our blog, or watch it on Lilt’s Youtube channel here

Don’t want to miss an episode? Register for the GXL mailing list here.

Authority Magazine: How to Be Great at Sales

Lilt Chief Evangelist Paula Shannon was recently featured in Authority Magazine, where she discussed sales strategy, the importance of departmental partnerships at work, and more.

Paula Shannon

Read the discussion with Paula here.

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