June '20 Product Updates

by Allison Yarborough
7 Minute Read

Welcome to the June ‘20 product newsletter highlights. We’ve had a busy spring, and we're excited to show you what we’ve been working on. 

In recent months, we’ve focused on a number of feature updates that not only improve our customer experience, but also expand our localization capabilities. Read on to learn more.

TM Only

We’re excited to announce that we now provide translation services for virtually any language! While we previously only offered translation services for 45 languages supported by our MT engine, Lilt has been updated to support translation of any language based exclusively on translation memory (TM) suggestions and human translation.

This newest capability allows Lilt to fully service the localization needs of our customers, regardless of language or geography. The world is your oyster!

For more information, please check out TM Only in our knowledge base.

TM Editor

A series of feature enhancements enable our TM Editor to help our customers achieve the highest localization quality:

Terminology and TM Workflow Management: Terminology changes (previously imported by users into Lilt) can now be made directly within the Lilt system.

TM Workflow

Reviewer Terminology Approval: Reviewers are also now notified of new terminology entries when reviewing a document and can approve all proposed terms.

For more information, please check out TM Editor in our knowledge base.

Assignment Availability Notifications

We know how time consuming email can be, which is why we’re excited to announce Assignment Availability Notifications. When an assignment matching a translator’s skill set arises, Lilt will now send that translator an actionable email.

Assignment Email_screenshot_1

For more information, please check out Workflows for Translators in our knowledge base.

Rebuild MT models on-demand

Quality control is more important than ever, and high-quality MT is an important part of that control. If a language pair MT has been trained on bad data or is performing poorly, Lilt users can now easily reset a memory or MT to improve quality of suggestions made and accuracy of translated content.

Streamlined Tag Editing

We always aim to improve workflow efficiency, including through streamlined tag editing. A refreshed tag editor design now optimizes translator ability to quickly identify and place tag pairs around whitespace.

For more information, please check out Tags and Formatting and Hotkeys in our knowledge base.


New visual features in Review mode now improve navigability for color blind translators. Segment states are now displayed with icons to the left of each segment, rather than with background colors.


For more information, please check out Segment State Indicators in our knowledge base.

Terminology for Reviewers

Terminology that is missing in the target will now be highlighted in the source, alerting translators and reviewers of term matches. Users can click on a highlighted source term to search it in the terminology sidebar and view all allowed translations. A "Missing Terms" tooltip will now also be displayed to the right of a segment if there are missing terms in the target.


For more information, please check out Terminology in our knowledge base.

Neural Machine Translation

Previous translation models often had issues with title-cased text, or text in all caps, such as “This” versus “this”. With our newly trained models, Lilt MT can much more accurately interpret and identify such associations, resulting in reduced translation errors and a quicker translation review process.

In addition, we built out next-gen machine translation models for a number of new languages, including:

Arabic>English, Russian>English, Farsi>English, Korean>English, Pashto>English, English<>Japanese, English<>Chinese (simplified), and English<>Japanese

MT support for these models will help our translators localize content even faster and more accurately.


Lastly, we’re excited to share that we’ve recently developed a number of new Lilt Connectors that make integrating Lilt into your current systems and workflow easier than ever:


Content Management

Contentful Connector 2.0 demo video and additional detail

easyDITA Connector demo video and additional detail

Episerver Connector demo video and additional detail


Translation Tool Connectors 

WebTranslateIt Connector demo video and additional detail



Salesforce Knowledge Connector demo video and additional detail

Zendesk Connector 2.0 demo video and additional detail


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The Lilt Team