July '21 Lilt Updates

by Aaron Williams
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Welcome to the July 2021 Lilt update. In July, we officially announced Ascend 2021, built a native Lokalise Connector, and launched our new Quick Translate user interface.

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Lokalise Connector


Our new Lokalise Connector saves time and provides end-to-end visibility and control over your localization workflows, all within your Lokalise instance. Lilt + Lokalise customers can now:

     • send content for localization from Lokalise to Lilt with one click

     • monitor the status of Lilt projects directly from within Lokalise

     • receive and approve localized content from Lilt directly in Lokalise

     • update translation memories between Lokalise and Lilt

Read more about the Lilt + Lokalise Connector and see how easy it can be to modernize your localization workflows today.

New Feature: Quick Translate

Secure access to instantaneous translations has been an organizational thorn for years. Free online translation tools risk exposing sensitive, private data in exchange for low quality translations that are practically unusable for specialized content domains.

In pursuit of a better alternative, we’re excited to announce Quick Translate, a transformative product that provides access to higher quality machine translation in a secure environment.

Quick Translate is simple and intuitive to use. You can copy and paste text or upload batches of documents directly into the Quick Translate interface (accessible via the Lilt Platform) and immediately see translated content.

quick_translate_3_558x420 (2) (1)

Quick Translate delivers more accurate and higher quality translations by combining customized machine translation engines with organizational Translation Memories to create a neural machine translation engine that is trained on each customer’s unique content and translation preferences.

Jesse Rosenbaum, Lilt’s Government Head of BD, shared his perspective in a guest blog post about how transformative Quick Translate will be for the government sector.

Make sure to check out the knowledge base and read our press release to learn more about Quick Translate.

Customer Spotlight: nView Health


nView Health, the premier provider of behavioral health assessment solutions, works with some of the largest clinical research organizations globally, resulting in a critical need to provide its solutions in many languages and locales.

Partnering with Lilt, nView Health has decreased translation costs by 10x, while still maintaining the highest level of translation quality. Read more about nView Health’s success with Lilt here.


The AI Playbook for Enterprises

Untitled presentationAsh Fontana, Managing Director at Zetta Venture Partners, recently joined Lilt to discuss how to embrace, integrate, and maintain AI solutions to propel your localization and business impact to new heights. Access the on-demand webinar here.

How to Ace Internal Stakeholder Management

pexels-miguel-á-padriñán-3785935Successful stakeholder management can make or break a localization project. Every leader should add 6 key stakeholder management best practices to their toolkit to proactively engage.

Read more here.

Translators without Borders

This summer, Translators without Borders (TWB) is launching a summer campaign to celebrate a milestone anniversary: 10 Years On. Ready for More. As proud Diamond sponsors of TWB, we strongly support their mission and encourage others to get involved by spreading the word or making a donation here.

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