July '20 Product Updates

by Allison Yarborough
4 Minute Read

Welcome to the July 2020 Product Newsletter. We’ve got some big updates for you this month! Most notably, we’re excited to share that we now have role-based access control, which allows customers to manage their Lilt user roles and privileges.

Before we jump in, some quick trivia for our avid readers out there.... Last month, we announced a new tag feature that auto-propagates tag placement for 100% matches. Since implementation, what percentage of tags would you guess this feature has impacted? (Hint: read to the end to find out).

• • •

Role-based Access Control

We know you’ve been patiently waiting, and we’re excited to announce that Role-based Access Control is finally here! The newest iteration of Lilt’s user settings allows customers to tailor the level of access a user has in Lilt, based on a series of roles and associated permissions.

Organizations are provided with five different default roles (admin, manager, translator, reviewer, and pro freelancer), as well as the option to create customized roles. These roles can be assigned to users according to specific project or organization needs.

Getting started with role-based access is easy! Start by logging in to Lilt and heading to the Organizations tab in the top right corner.


For more information, please check out Role-based Access Control in our knowledge base.

Tag Segment Filters

Linguists can now filter for segments with tags, allowing them to easily review tag placement. This filter displays all segments with tags in the source.

For more information, please check out the CAT Editor in our knowledge base.

Project Deadline Display

Translator project cards will now show translators and reviewers the most time-sensitive project deadlines.

Project Deadline Display 1

These deadlines will also be shown on the Project Details sidebar, as well as in the document view.

Project Deadline Display 2

For more information, please check out Teams and Assignments in our knowledge base.

Loading Indicator

Work in progress! Translators will now see a loading indicator when the MT is first "warming up" so they know Lilt is busy thinking up translation predictions.

Loading Indicator

Client Libraries

In support of our developer community, Lilt has released three new libraries:

Node Library  

Python Library

Java Library

Each library will significantly reduce the time required for system maintenance and updates, freeing up your engineers to focus on other tasks.

• • •

Congrats - you made it to the end! For our trivia fans, we’re happy to report that our new tag auto-propagation feature has already helped us avoid manually moving 69% of all tags that we’ve processed since we last checked in. Not bad for 4 weeks!

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The Lilt Team