January '21 Lilt Updates

by Allison Yarborough
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Welcome to the January 2021 newsletter! Lilt is jumping into gear with a number of exciting initiatives in the new year.

2021 is the year of community at Lilt, and we’re excited to engage with all of you. We’re kicking off the year with a new customer success story, a webinar from our experienced Solutions team, and additional updates to our linguist CAT tool. 

Read on to learn more!

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Webinar: Building Localization Programs with the Right Tools

Join us on Wednesday, Feb 17th to hear from Kel Commins, Lilt's Senior Manager, Solutions, about building a successful localization program and why localization is vital to the customer experience. Save your spot here! 

Webinar_ Building Localization Programs with the Right Tools-1

Share Your Insights: State of the Localization Industry Survey

Calling all localization professionals! Provide your input in our 7-minute survey and enter to win the $1,000 grand prize. Not only is there a grand prize, but every qualified respondent will also earn a $5 gift card. The State of Localization survey is intended to gather and share valuable approaches, trends, and priorities with the localization community.


Survey findings will be published in a comprehensive, publicly shared report this spring. Click here to participate!


In late December, Lilt was a sponsor of XTM Livestream, XTM's annual conference. Lilt's Samantha Reiss joined XTM LiveStream to talk about how Lilt builds human-driven, technology-augmented localization processes for our customers.

Additional content and takeaways from Samantha are available here.

Customer Spotlight: Lobster Ink

This month, we want to highlight the success of Lobster Ink, a Lilt customer. Lobster Ink, a division of global leader Ecolab, is a leading online learning platform built to help companies provide their employees with skills and knowledge to drive measurable behavior change.

Lobster Ink has a large global presence, meaning they have constant demand for localized content. Working with some of the world’s largest brands, Lobster Ink found that the localization timelines they needed to hit in order to stay competitive were often uncontrollable and out of reach.

Lobster Ink

Lilt enabled Lobster Ink to implement a flexible, continuous localization workflow that lets them roll out content in a staggered approach and go to market faster than ever before.

Read on to learn more about how Lobster Ink was able to double their number of supported languages and accelerate their go-to-market timelines with Lilt.

The Translator Perspective: Lilt's Newest CAT Tool

One of our top translators, Erika Storm, recently shared her perspective on what it’s like to work in the newest version of Lilt’s CAT tool (spoiler alert: it’s pretty great).

Check out her blog post to learn more about the impact our CAT tool has on her productivity and translation quality.

Lilt CAT Tool Updates

While Erika gave our CAT tool rave reviews, we’re still on a quest to further improve translation quality and accuracy. To this end, we’ve added even more features to our CAT tool to help translators deliver high quality translations to our customers.

Automatic Batch QA

When you want an extra set of eyes on your content, we’ve got you covered. A new organization setting now allows for mandatory Batch QA on all document translation.

Accessible in Lilt under Organization tab > Settings, this button allows organizations to require translators and reviewers to run Batch QA on all documents.

Required Batch QA

When this setting is enabled, translators and reviewers are prompted to run batch QA before marking a document complete.

Batch QA before done

Project managers have the ability to see if Batch QA has been run against a particular document, and can run Batch QA as needed on additional translated documents.

For more information, please check out Mandatory Batch QA in our knowledge base.

Termbase Results

Translators can also now access and incorporate linguistic assets faster than ever. Our new sidebar terminology feature allows users to approve termbase results, producing more accurate translations that reflect customer brand terms and tone.

Termbase suggestions

Translators can now also add terminology right from the editor using the hotkey shortcut “Option + A”.

For more information, please check out CAT Editor in our knowledge base.

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The Lilt Team