Introducing Ascend 2020, Lilt's Annual Localization Conference

by Spence Green
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As we head into Fall 2020, we’re entering what traditionally has been a season of renewed academic and professional activity and collaboration. In years past, this included Lilt’s in-person annual conference. Needless to say, this year is different. In a year when so much in our lives has been disrupted, we are especially excited to bring the localization community together for our first-ever virtual conference - Ascend 2020.

Lilt Ascend 2020, held this year on October 21st-22nd, presents an opportunity for leaders across the industry to come together as a community, collaborate, and work together to discover, teach, and share. This peer support and shared problem solving has never been more relevant, in an age when demand for localization only continues to grow in size - and skyrocket in importance.

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Lilt has made a promise to the industry: to serve as an expert partner for the world’s hardest language problems. This year, our conference will do just this, focusing on the problems that the modern localization program faces, and opportunities to create solutions for those problems. We’re bringing together stakeholders from across the industry - experienced customers, language researchers, industry experts, and technology innovators - to discuss the industry’s most pressing topics in localization services and software - quality oversight, workflow optimization, insights for running a world-class localization program, and more. We’re looking forward to not only hearing stakeholder perspectives firsthand, but also to facilitating the type of collaboration that can matter most - peer learning and networking. 

Ascend 2020 will provide opportunities to connect with peers, learn about the newest industry trends, and plan for the future. You’ll hear from localization leaders across a range of industries, with insights into the diverse program challenges they’ve faced, as well as how they were able to circumvent those challenges. Fireside chats and live Q&A discussions will provide the opportunity to pose your most pressing questions to industry veterans, many of whom have been navigating localization management for 20+ years. We will also be sharing live demos of some of our newest product updates, which we’ve designed specifically to resolve challenges that our customers face.

Whether you’re looking to problem-solve with peers, explore new technology innovations, discover program management strategies, or simply connect with fellow localization leaders, Lilt Ascend will provide you an opportunity to engage with the larger community.

Lilt Ascend is a fully virtual live event, with all welcome - free of charge. If you’re interested in continuing the conversation,  join us for Lilt Ascend 2020. We hope to see you there.

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