Introducing Lilt's Global Experience Leaders Series

by Drew Evans
2 Minute Read


In the past year, the shift to digital go-to-market has accelerated at an unprecedented rate.  As a result, more and more businesses are starting to understand the role that an effective global customer experience can play in growth and sustained success. Many of these global experience leaders have already been building localization programs for years, and their roles have only become more important in the current world. 

That’s why we’re excited to present a new Lilt original: the Global Experience Leaders series. This series explores the people leading the multilingual digital future - how they lead, innovate, and grow their careers. Get insights from the leaders behind the scenes building world-class global customer experience and localization organizations.

Every few weeks, Lilt CEO Spence Green will sit down with a different leader from the localization community and beyond to better understand their careers, how they have built their organizations, the important industry trends that they’ve seen, and what we can all expect for this digital future. We’re hoping to give a voice to business leaders so they can share their strategies and lessons learned to help pave the way for the next wave of leaders.

In our first episode, Spence is joined by Karen Combe, the long-time former VP of Localization at PTC. She was responsible for product localization and language technology and strategy, as well as for localization support for global services, technical support, and marketing. Throughout the conversation, they talk about the early days of localization and its evolution at PTC, how she rose to VP-level, and the importance of the localization community for professional growth.

We have some fantastic guests scheduled to join us over the next few months, including Nicole Kittle Broe (Senior Manager of Localization at Snap), Anna Schlegel (VP of Global Portfolio-to-Market at NetApp), Jochen Hummel (Founder and former CEO of Trados), and more.

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