Instant Translate: Quick Access to Translated Content in a Secure Environment

by Jesse Rosenbaum
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At Lilt, we are exceptionally proud of the work we do every day to support our military customers. Lilt helps public servants provide more equal access to services for all citizens regardless of what language they speak, as well as supporting government institutions who for centuries have helped secure democracy for people around the world. We owe it to our public sector customers - and to ourselves - to keep delivering the absolute best software and services we can.

We have promised to be expert partners for the world’s hardest language problems, and many of the most complex problems exist in the government sector. With each challenge presented to us by our customers, we work collaboratively with them to identify opportunities for innovation, and design the best technology solutions possible to enable them in pursuit of their missions. Instant Translate, our most recent feature release, is a result of this exact collaborative problem-solving process.

Around the world, thousands of government analysts struggle to make sense of foreign language information they need to process, often in high-stakes environments with little time to do it. The internet and other means make much of the world’s information readily available, but unless someone is multi-lingual, most of that information is not understandable without translation.  The sheer volume of information means human translation is just not feasible or cost effective in many cases. Free tools on the internet not only provide low quality translations, particularly for specialized content domains, but also risk exposing sensitive non-public data to compromise by bad-actors. In military terms, it presents a real OPSEC issue. Government employees need a way to quickly, securely, and accurately translate sensitive information immediately.   

With Instant Translate, we’re excited to present a solution that allows secure real-time AI-enabled translation. Designed to be simple and intuitive, the Instant Translate interface allows users to copy and paste text directly into a text box, and immediately see the translation, in a secure environment, and with greater accuracy than other solutions. 

In addition to copy-pasting or entering text, users can also upload batches of documents for quick translation.  Instead of stressing over 24- or 48-hour turnaround races against the clock working with translator/linguist teams, Instant Translate provides agencies access to machine translated content for thousands of documents in a matter of minutes. This dramatically reduces barriers to access to crucial information and quickly triages and identifies the most important documents which require expert human translators. 

In addition to providing instant secure translations, Instant Translate also delivers translated content from a neural machine translation engine that can be trained continuously by human feedback using customers’ own content such as Translation Memories and other linguistic assets. When using these human-in-the-loop, customized workflows, the quality of machine translation is much higher and more intelligible.

We are thrilled to be able to support government entities in their quest for information and language access, and look forward to seeing its immediate impact. If your organization needs to provide instant translation access in a secure environment, you can get started immediately with Instant Translate. If you are interested in learning more about Instant Translate with Lilt, read our recent press release here or get in touch with us here.

Jesse Rosenbaum

Head of BD, Government

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