Global Experience Leaders Episode 5: Building a Career as a Localization Leader

by Drew Evans
2 Minute Read

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In our last episode of the Global Experience Leaders series, Lilt CEO Spence Green spoke with Jochen Hummel, founder and former CEO of Trados and current CEO of Coreon. Jochen was an early pioneer in the language industry and has continued to play a huge role in the creation and adoption of language technology.

Spence and Jochen discussed what it’s like to start a company, fragmentation in the language industry, how language technology will change, and so much more. 

On this week's episode (the final episode of GXL Season 1), Spence sits down with a leader who has helped to build and scale a large, international language team at one of the most well-known gaming companies in the world: Thiago Schreiner.

Thiago is the Director of Global Localization at Blizzard Entertainment where, over the last decade, he has built the localization department to a team of nearly 150 employees. Throughout their conversation, Spence and Thiago discuss how to organize a team for success, why it’s important to set team missions and goals, and how gaining internal visibility changed his career. 

While that's all for Season 1 of the Global Experience Leaders Series, we're excited to share that Season 2 will be coming your way soon! We'll be speaking with more industry leaders to find out more about their careers, what's to come in localization, and why global experience is the new way forward.

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