Global Experience Leaders Episode 2: The True Value of Localization

by Drew Evans
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In our first episode of the Global Experience Leaders series, Lilt CEO Spence Green spoke with Karen Combe, the long-time former VP of Localization at PTC about the early days of localization and its evolution at PTC, how she rose to VP-level, and the importance of the localization community for professional growth.

This week's episode looks at a company that connects users from across the globe with what has become one of the most popular communication apps ever made: Snap.

Nicole Kittle Broe is the Senior Manager of Localization at Snap and joins Spence for GXL Episode 2. She’s a pioneer of localization and has built programs at some of the largest entertainment companies in the world, including Netflix, Blizzard, and Riot Games. Throughout her career, she’s defined the strategy that has led to the growth and success of localization.

With the recent shifts towards a more digital go-to-market strategy, never has the global customer experience been more important. In this episode, Spence and Nicole talk about building and scaling localization programs, including the importance of building internal cross-functional partnerships, learning to brace for scale, the strategy behind global expansion, and much more.

Keep an eye out for upcoming episodes with Anna Schlegel (VP of Global Portfolio-to-Market at NetApp), Jochen Hummel (Founder and former CEO of Trados), and more.

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