Event recap: SF Globalization meetup with our CEO, Spence Green

by Adrienne Lumb
1 Minute Read

We had the pleasure of joining the SF Globalization meetup this past Wednesday, Feb. 13, at the Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco, where our CEO Spence Green gave a presentation on recent advancements in neural machine translation.

Green reviewed the history of Machine Translation (MT), going back to the 1950s and over the decades since. He discussed more recent advancements, including Google Translate, but in particular our research and milestones in neural MT (NMT) in the past few years. Green also shed insights into the science behind NMT, and gave a captivating product demo.

The talk shifted to what internationalization and localization teams can do with NMT technology, and how translators can use it to make their work faster, and easier.

Green also shared questions he commonly hears from global enterprises interested in Lilt technology, and alternative questions they should be asking in seeking new and better technology and workflows.

You can view the full session here:

SF Globalization is a meetup group of more than 1,600 members, open to anyone interested in the globalization of any type or format of content. You can learn more about the group and their events here.

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