Translator Community Spotlight: Meet Karina Casal

by Elly Lee
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Here at Lilt, we’re focused on providing the highest quality translations possible, and that requires a large professional network of translators.

We've spent years building a community of experienced and quality translators, and we're excited to showcase the incredible individuals helping to lead the charge in building successful global experiences. Much like our Liltonian Spotlight series, we're sharing the backgrounds of the talented professionals in our community in our newest series, the Translator Spotlight Series. 

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This week, we’re happy to introduce Karina Casal, a bookworm, a music lover, and talented translator. We sat down with Karina to learn more about her background, how she started her translation journey, and her thoughts on the ever-changing translation industry.


What does your day to day look like?

My days are usually quite simple, but not boring at all! I normally start by expressing my gratitude for the good stuff in my life. I prepare my “mate” (an Argentine infusion similar to tea) and set myself to tackling my work. Then, in the evening, I love going out for a walk or taking Pilates classes to get my body moving after sitting for hours.


What languages do you speak or have you studied?

My languages are Spanish and English (oftentimes I may also speak Spanglish, but don’t tell anybody. It is a secret and a trick of the trade).


How and why did you become a translator?

Believe it or not, it all began with a Disney movie!

I was 10 years old when I asked my mom to get me a cassette with the soundtrack in both English and Spanish. I only listened to the English side. As I furthered my learning of the language, I got deeper and deeper into it. By the age of 14, I already knew I wanted to be a translator — partly because I loved the language and partly because of the amazing talented teachers I had along the way who were also translators and I grew up to admire.


Do you like to listen to music while you work? If so, what kind?

I do! The genre depends pretty much on a combination of my mood and the task at hand. But on a regular basis, you would find me listening to some binaural beats or relaxing tracks to help me concentrate. If I am running out of gas, I always turn to some rock/punk playlists to get me back on track.


What is your favorite non-English word and what does it mean?

My favorite word is “Resiliencia” (Resilience). After all the twists and turns in my life, I realized that life is about adapting and learning how to cope with the different events that unfold in our lives. I think it is a very powerful word.


When you have an hour of free-time, what do you like to do to pass the time?

I love reading! From comics to sci-fi/horror, books are my go-to in my free time. Currently, I am finishing “The Raven Boys”. It only took me 3 days. Bookworm? Maybe. But I love movies and TV shows as well. 

With Harley - Karina Casal

What's one fact or skill that you've learned recently?

I have recently learned how to crochet! To be fair, I was never good at handicrafts (at least that was what I kept telling myself). But my mother is a Crochet Goddess, so I asked her to teach me how to do it. In 3 months, I have crocheted a scarf, a carpet, and a coat for my niece.

If I can do it, anybody can. Trust me.


Has the translation industry changed in the last 10 years? Do you think it will change in the next 10 years?

Gosh! Yes, it has changed a lot, and I don’t think it is going to stop changing any time soon. In my 16 years of experience, I have seen the NLP revolutionize the whole concept of MT. That being said, I don’t think it can ever replace human translators - technology seems to work best when helping translators, not replacing.

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