Build a Comprehensive AI Translation Strategy with Lilt + AWS: Webinar Recap

by Elly Lee
6 Minute Read

In today's globalized world, businesses are expected to communicate with customers in their native languages. With the help of AI, modern translation technology has made it easier to attain quicker, better quality, and more efficient results than ever before.

In this webinar, we discuss how Lilt and AWS can help you build a comprehensive AI translation strategy. We cover the benefits of using AI for translation, how Lilt and AWS can work together, the different features and capabilities of Amazon Translate, Lilt's Verified Translation Solution and AI Data Studio, and security and compliance considerations. Below are three takeaways from the 40-minute webinar, which you can watch in full here. 

"Lilt and AWS, we're better together, and we want to help address customers with a variety of different use cases that they have."

Ellipse 113Tim McLaughlin

Senior Product Manager, AI Language Services at at Amazon Web Services


Takeaway 1: Lilt and AWS Collaborate to Create a Comprehensive AI Translation Strategy

Lilt and AWS have partnered together to provide customers with a comprehensive AI translation strategy that combines the best of human ingenuity and machine efficiency. This partnership aims to address the challenges businesses face in sourcing and retaining language professionals, dealing with volume fluctuations, and maintaining cost-effective solutions.

"Lilt was formed as a company in 2015 when our founders realized that there was still quite a bit of development before machine translation like Google Translate could be fully capable of producing enterprise-grade content without any human involvement at all," said Brittany Benchoff from Lilt. Tim McLaughlin from AWS added, "We have made leaps and bounds in terms of the technology that's utilized when it comes to machine translation and ultimately how that impacts the overall accuracy and fluency of what the outputs look like."

Together, Lilt and AWS offer solutions that cater to various translation needs, from "good enough" translations to human-verified translations, depending on the specific use case and desired outcome. This allows customers to choose the right solution or set of solutions to achieve the right balance of quality, scalability, cost, and rare language support.

Takeaway 2: Lilt's Contextual AI Engine Enhances Efficiency and Quality in Translation

Lilt's Contextual AI Engine is designed to provide predictive feedback to human translators while learning in real-time from their decisions and inputs. This creates a continuous loop that allows the human linguist to maintain control over the translation process while receiving increasingly accurate and efficient suggestions from the AI engine.

"Lilt's technology is making that translator better, while at the same time, the translator is making Lilt's technology better," explained Brittany Benchoff. This approach ensures that the final translation output is of high quality and accuracy, while also benefiting from the speed and efficiency provided by the AI engine.

Takeaway 3: Lilt's Integration with AWS Ensures Security and Ease of Use

Lilt and AWS prioritize security when it comes to customer data, offering encryption at rest and in transit, as well as data opt-out policies for customers who do not want their information used for training purposes. Integration with AWS services also enables easier deployment of multilingual content across various platforms and systems.

Tim McLaughlin from AWS shared, "We have taken extra lengths to make sure that especially data centers, regional availability, the security staff, etc., all the physical needs of protecting data centers are things that Amazon and AWS take up on behalf of our customers." By working together, Lilt and AWS provide a secure, scalable, and efficient solution for businesses seeking to deploy AI-based translation strategies.

How Lilt and AWS Can Work Together

Lilt + AWS Webinar Deck

Lilt offers a variety of AI translation products and services, including:

• Verified Translation Solution: This service combines human translators with Contextual AI to guarantee the quality of your translations.
Lilt Create: Quickly generate on-brand, locally relevant content in any language right within the Lilt Platform with a click of a button. 
• AI Data Studio: This tool helps you to build large-scale, multilingual data sets for training core MT engines like Amazon Translate.
• Integration with AWS: Lilt's products and services can be easily integrated with AWS services, which makes it easy to deploy multilingual content across various platforms and systems.

Amazon Translate is a neural machine text-to-text translation service that offers a wide range of features and capabilities, including:

• 75 languages: Amazon Translate supports 75 languages, including popular languages like English, Spanish, and French.
Customizable translation workflows: Amazon Translate allows you to customize your translation output with Active Custom Translation, Custom Terminology, Profanity masking, and Formality customization.
• Data security: Amazon Translate offers a variety of security features to protect your data, including encryption at rest and in transit.
• Broad domain coverage: Amazon Translate has been trained on a large collection of text data, which means that it can translate text from a wide range of domains, including legal, medical, and technical.

Interested in learning more about Lilt and Amazon Translate? Watch the full recording now. If you are interested in learning more about how Lilt and AWS can help you with your translation needs, please visit our website or contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions you have.