Lilt Ascend 2020: Lilt Unveils Latest Localization Innovations

by Allison Yarborough
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Lilt Unveils Latest Localization Innovations at Ascend 2020

Industry Leaders and Experts Discuss Top Challenges Facing the Future of Localization

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San Francisco, CA - October 22, 2020 - Lilt, the #1 AI-powered language service provider, today as part of its virtual Ascend 2020 conference announced a number of new products and services, alongside lively discussions with global localization leaders. The conversations covered topics critical to the industry, such as the importance of balancing speed and high quality results, and the impact of AI on localization.

“The rapid shift to digital has accelerated the need for multilingual products and services, but with new demand comes a new set of challenges,” said Spence Green, CEO of Lilt. “Ascend 2020 provided a unique opportunity for leaders across the industry to meet virtually as a community and collaborate on how to lead digital change for localization.”

Accelerating Localization Performance

During the conference, Lilt unveiled some of its newest innovations that serve as tools to enable customers in optimizing their localization programs and workflows. Key features and tools highlighted included:


Lilt demoed its newly released TMS Connector Suite, which enables companies to easily integrate Lilt into their existing localization workflows and TMS platforms, including SDL TMS, SDL WorldServer, XTM Cloud, and Smartling.  Lilt also announced its plan to build additional connectors to Memsource, Transifex, and other popular TMS platforms.

Visibility and Control

Lilt debuted its newest version of Lilt Insights, a series of localization performance reports that display directly within the Lilt Platform and provide customers with the data they need to make better, more informed decisions about their businesses and localization programs.

Productivity and Quality

Lilt announced the newest release of the Lilt CAT Tool.  At 250% faster than its predecessor, this latest release is its highest-performing version yet and substantially increases translator speed and accuracy, increasing content quality and reducing turnaround times for enterprises. It also offers a range of new features such as Neural AutoReview and advanced Terminology Management, which enhance quality assurance capabilities using AI.


To better serve customers with the highest security requirements, Lilt announced its on-premise solution, which gives organizations complete data and access control. Lilt is instantly deployable on AWS, Azure, or GCP private cloud or via a bare metal environment with no external network connectivity requirement.

Discussing Solutions for Industry Challenges

With a theme of “Localizing at Scale in an Increasingly Digital World,” Ascend 2020 provided localization leaders and experts the opportunity to discuss some of the most important challenges and opportunities facing the localization industry today.

Notable speakers included:

• Loïc Dufresne de Virel, Head of Localization, Intel Corporation

• Alessandra Binazzi, Head of Global Localization, ASICS Digital

• Paul Buckley, Localization Product Manager, Canva

• Tom Davenport, Visiting Professor at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

• Kyunghyun Cho, Assoc. Professor of Computer and Data Science, New York University

Building a Community

To round out the day, Lilt announced its newest thought leadership initiative, Augment. Augment will bring together industry leaders, creative thinkers, academics, and entrepreneurs within and beyond the localization industry to share specialized information, practical learning, and targeted research with the goal of advancing the industry’s collective knowledge around machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

“The industry has reached an inflection point with AI and machine learning, with new technologies being released every day,” said Paula Shannon, Lilt’s Chief Evangelist and co-chair of the new special interest group. “As we all seek to assess the best applications of these new technologies, we’re excited to foster learning, discussion, and research that can help inform stakeholders across the industry.”

To learn more about Augment, please visit us online or reach out to us at  

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