Chris Healy

Chris is a freelance translator and localizer, primarily focusing on Chinese and English. He takes websites, apps, and other programs and gives them the wings they need to reach a whole new world of users.

Posts by Chris Healy:

Here's Why Neural Machine Translation is a Huge Leap Forward


Though machine translation has been around for decades, the most you’ll read about it is the perceived proximity to the mythical “Babel Fish” --an instantaneous personal translation device-- itself ready to replace each and every human translator. The part that gets left out is machine translation's relationship with human […]


Are You Thinking Beyond Left-to-Right? Here's How to Make Your Site Multidirectional.


Much of the Internet is in English, and many American web developers rarely think beyond languages like French or Spanish when it comes to internationalization. From a development perspective, such languages function more or less like English, and so the general structure of the webpages tends to assume a layout based on […]