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LILT-WPML Connector: Reach a Global Audience with your WordPress Site


In an increasingly digital world, having a website that can reach a global audience is crucial for businesses and organizations to engage with their customers. Whether expanding into a new geographic market, improving customer experience in an existing market, or expanding your existing web presence, offering web content in the languages of your customers is essential. However, translating your WordPress website into all relevant languages is no small feat. Legacy translation workflows involved hours of manual work for content teams, downloading, sending, and uploading content.

Speed Up Your Multilingual Video Subtitling: Webinar Recap


The increasingly important role of multimedia content in digital customer experiences has spurred the rapid growth of enterprise video content generation. As a result, optimizing multilingual multimedia workflows has never been more crucial, as content creation teams are tasked with translating high volumes of multimedia content, often with quick turnaround times. In our recent joint webinar with LILT partner CaptionHub, LILT Product Manager Vignesh Rajendran and CaptionHub’s CCO James Jameson explore the ways that employing an AI strategy enables global organizations to accelerate and amplify multimedia localization and provide an in-depth look at the LILT-CaptionHub Connector. Whether you watch the 30-minute recording of this session or read the recap below, you can expect to walk away with a clearer understanding of the ways that global enterprises can benefit from an AI-powered multilingual subtitling strategy.

Lilt Supports AI-Powered Translated Forecasts Offered By NOAA’s National Weather Service


Lilt Supports AI-Powered Translated Forecasts Offered By NOAA’s National Weather Service

Why Businesses Should Invest in an AI Translation Solution


Maintaining an edge in today's competitive market environment is crucial. Businesses that don't adopt new technologies risk falling behind their competitors and finding it difficult to compete in the current market. The exponential rise in interest for innovative AI-based tech solutions shows no signs of slowing down, as teams and companies continue to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) tools for optimizing a number of business processes.

Lilt Announces Third-Party LLM Hub and Customized Self-Service Model Builder


New Contextual AI Platform enables custom model manipulation and advanced analytics for global enterprises

Speak Your Customer's Language: 10 Customer Touchpoints at the Heart of Successful Translations


Speaking the same language as your customers is essential for any successful global business to thrive. As customers become increasingly diverse and businesses expand to new markets, companies must be able to communicate effectively with their markets in multiple languages. Translating customer touch points correctly is a key part of building and maintaining customer relationships to ensure a global presence, while allowing them to connect with customers in their preferred language.

Evaluating Risks and Trade-offs in an AI Strategy: Webinar Recap


AI has created new opportunities and challenges traditional enterprise work. In our latest webinar, Spence Green, CEO of Lilt, delved into the risks and trade-offs of investing in an AI strategy and how to leverage it to drive enterprise-level changes.

Lilt and CaptionHub Partner to Support AI-powered Multilingual Videos


Amplifying Government Performance with Generative AI Translation for Enhanced Speed & Scalability: Webinar Recap


Our latest webinar with Lilt’s customer, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), highlighted the use of generative AI to enhance government performance and translation operations. To kick us off, Jesse Rosenbaum, Vice President of National Security at Lilt, dives into the technology behind Lilt and how AI is enabling increased translation efficiency and scalability.