Case Study: SDL Trados

Abstract: We compare human translation performance in Lilt to SDL Trados, a widely used computer-aided translation tool. Lilt generates suggestions via an adaptive machine translation system, whereas SDL Trados relies primarily on translation memory. Five in-house English–French translators worked with each tool for an hour. Client data for two genres was translated. For user interface data, subjects in Lilt translated 21.9% faster. The top throughput in Lilt was 39.5% higher than the top rate in Trados. This subject also achieved the highest throughput in the experiment: 1,367 source words per hour. For a hotel chain data set, subjects in Lilt were 13.6% faster on average. Final translation quality is comparable in the two tools.

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One thought on “Case Study: SDL Trados

  1. Since this study, Trados Studio now comes with an AdaptiveMT Editor, which seems to do the same thing. It would be interesting to know how these two tools compare. Perhaps a future case study?

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